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  1.  GOOD BUT....


    This is a fine example of what I call "real" film-making, accomplished through flesh and blood actors rather than overblown CGI.Well worth the money, though some may be caught out by the cover which has been redone to make it look like recent blockbuster "300",tut tut....

  2.  Oh dear


    Sicko is an appropraite title, as there's something nauesating about a multi-millionaire broadcaster lecturing on the evils of the capitalist system. Whilst the US health care system may not be perfect, I'll bet Moore pasy privately anyway....oh and of course you can get good health care in Cuba, that is if you agree with the policies of military dictator for life Castro, if you don't you're probably more likely to get your health care in a Cuban hellhole prison.
    And as for Moore's hilarious attempt to portray the NHS as glorious and free, does the man do no research.
    ? For an alternative view try "Fahrenhype 9/11" or "Manufacturing Dissent"

  3.  Great stuff


    Unlike the "action movie" format of the later series of Ultimate Force this first series mixes character drama with less frequent gun battles, but its still a treat for those of us starved of new tv action series since the 80s. No one says its an accurate portrayal of the SAS in action, but when the alternative is "Strictly Dancing for Maria on Ice whilst Joseph looks for the X Factor" on Saturday night, its time to let Henno and the Boys loose on your DVD.

  4.  JAG rules


    The shortened second season JAG brings in the characters of Mac, possibly the most gorgeous US Marine ever and the tough but heart of gold of Chegwidden. Its perhaps less action orientated than the first season, but still contains its fair share of combat. Beyond that it contains JAGs fascinating mixture of courtroom drama/social conscience/soap/humour and adventure. Highly recommended, five stars for the tv show, but only four for the DVD as the R2 version lacks the special features that the R1 version does.

  5.  Excellent


    In a tv world ruled by amateur talent shows and forensic dramas this is the stuff that sadly doesn't get on our screens often enough. If you want to see gunfights and political incorrectness galore, settle down with this boxset for an enjoyable time.

  6.  Nice programme, shame about the extras....


    Homicide is an excellent show, far removed from the car chases and gun battles of the 70s and 80s or the flashly filming and graphics of modern shows. Normally I'd love to give it five stars, but whilst the programmes are excellent the presentation on the discs is somewhat shoddy, with the R2 discs having no extras at all compared to the extra laden R1 versions, another case of us Brits getting a second rate release....

  7.  Best show on Saturday nights!


    ITV's answer to Dr Who, the critics allege, but a far superior series. Despite the sour grapes comments from "Who" fans, this is a rivetting show which rarely disappoints. The acting is generally good and the sfx and location work of a high standard. The twist ending, whilst not original is unexpected and intriguing. Only fault, the series is far too short, at six episodes!

  8.  superb


    This is a superb action drama series, mixing tense exciting action sequences with domestic life and politics back on the army base. Highly recommended.