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  1.  brilliant speker bag


    bought this in the old days for my old ericson and for sound and quality i would have given it 5 stars but you can only use it on sony ericson phones so gave it 4 stars, not got it any more as gave it away when i upgraded to better phone(iphone) pity sony ericson did not make adapters for it so it can be used on any make of phone so they missed a trick on that one as similar speaker bags can be used with most/any phones, but if you have an old ericson dont hesitate to buy this as you will be shocked in a good way by the loudness and sound quality come from this item

  2.  top quality scarf/gloves/hat set


    what an absolute bargain these are you would be lucky to get a half decent pair of gloves for 2.49p anywhere and these 3 items in this set are of top quality and very soft and warm. bought one set just after christmas when they were on offer at 4.00 and bought another set when the price was reduced even more in their clearance sale, the only thing i would say is the unisex label is due to the colour of these items(black) as the gloves are for man size hand and not suitable for a women unless you have large hands.

  3.  excellent gadget for your android phone


    bought this after reading mixed reviews on its reliability but can honestly say i have had no problems at all with it and it works perfect, i am using mine with my sony ericson WT19i and it works just great all the time.

  4.  top notch phone


    had a few phones and a couple of android phones that were slow and poor to use and they would boot up like an old pc, this phone is fast in everything it does everything on it works perfect the sound is amazingly loud and clear so much so i have not used my ipod touch for music or apps since i got this phone,you wont regret getting this phone as its just perfect.

  5.  excellent phone


    just got this recently and you certainly get a lot for your money, the android app market is where you will be spending your time on this as the apps are awesome and do far more than apples apps and i have ipod and android and you will be amazed at what this phone can do with all of the best apps on it, its just like having a pc in your pocket.

  6.  a must have for all your devices


    had this now for several months and it charges all kinds of phones, rechargable speakers and other bluetooth products and ipods without any problems and have ordered another one their such a bargain

  7.  works on ipod touch 3rd gen


    got this for all my devices and mobile phones but only works on an ipod. you can control an ipod apart from volume up n down. 1 click plays and pauses it 2 clicks does next track and 3 clicks very quickly goes to the previous track, you can also record voice memo with this mic on an ipod touch with the pre installed voice memo app that comes with your ipod

  8.  the best portable entertainment ever


    had this now for a few months and its just so good you can do everything you can do on a pc more or less apart from download files from internet which is not a bad thing with all the virus on the web so its great and safe at the same time,you wont find a better media player for music,videos,pictures and the easiest email ever to send and recieve and so simple to use and do everything on it even if your an oldish person its simple to use and enjoy.i woul have given it 5 stars but apple have been charging me for some of the free apps and now it keeps asking me to pay so beware and dont confirm any purchase for so called free apps or you will be charged for them

  9.  a must have for internet


    i have had this since they first came out and use it on laptop/netbook/ipod touch amd mobile phone the network is reliable and fast so no problem with internet browsing and downloading stuff it also has an sd mem card slot so you can put your stuff on this as well so well worth getting as it conects to anything you want it to and keeps its conection

  10.  decent ipod dock


    good ipod dock for the price its twice as expensive on other sites so buy from play,com site,good sound plays ipod touch 3rd gen ok and comes with 3 other ipod adapters and a mat for the ipod touch as its difficult to get out unless the mat is inserted underneath it,the matt is in with the instruction booklet and ipod adapters are in seperate packaging in the box so its easy to miss the mat so look in the booklet for it, only downside is its really fiddly and difficult to insert the ipod in the dock and takes time getting it right as its a really akward and tight fit so do expect that and take care and patience when doing it for the 1st time till you get used to it and the mat inserted under ipod touch is a must as its really difficult to get ipod touch out if mat is not underneath