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  1.  DRIVE(L)


    Complete rubbish, one of the most boring films I have seen in a while
    With the exception of Cranston, the entire cast were bad.....do yourself a favour and give it a miss.



    I have been waiting for a series of this calibre since The Sopranos finished, a lot of people suggested The Wire.......not bad but not even close. Braquo however( still not Soprano level but what will be?) is really up there, a real breath of fresh air, really enjoyable from the get go to the last episode ( of this first series). This bar has been set very high for future cop shows. Cant wait to see more of Marchals work.



    A mediocre film at best, not HEAT by any stretch, and very dragged out. I had high hopes for this as I liked everything else I have seen by Marchal. Depardieu did not seem to be tgrying to hard in this. Watchable and forgetable.

  4.  AWFUL


    Not often I switch before the end of a movie, but this one was so bad, my eyeballs startes to pain me! woeful film, full of stereotypical scowling, chain smoking "gangsters" and pointless characters, it was just short of good guys in white hats and bad guys in black. save your money......

  5.  Very enjoyable


    Very enjoyable, coming of age road trip movie. Well acted and quite funny (sometimes the humour is lost with subtitles). would love to know where the beach is............



    cant believe there is only one other review for this. this a first class film whichj seems to have slipped under the radar for most. hard to believe its almost 25 years old!! Very underrated with a good cast , who were not too familiar back then. a bit pricey, but a must for all Western fans.

  7.  BORED


    I must have really missed something with this film as I seem to be at odds with all other reviews except two (so far). All I saw were "Brilliant", "amazing" 4 & 5 star rating, were we all watching the same film? Most reviewers mentioned ONLY Natalie Portman, who I thought was only okay in this role. Winona Ryder, was good for the few mins she is in the film, Vincent Cassel as usual was very good and Mila Kunis was also good. As for the film itself, I found it boring and I think there is a touch of "The Kings new clothes" about the thing, very hyped up...........I could not wait for it to finish...........whats with all the creepy skin tearing. In total agreement with Scaroth. having said that, the film world would be a very boring place if we all thought all films were 5 star.



    Excellent thriller from Argentina, won Oscar for best foreign film 2009. Over two hours long, and while not fast paced, does not drag its heels. Great acting without any scenery chewing. great twists so pay attention. Highly recomended viewing and for this price, buy it and add to your collection.



    Being Irish, I will be a bit biased, but this is a a fantastic movie, very dark at times, but still one of the funniest films to come out of Ireland in recent years. The opening scene of two hapless drug addict waking up (one of them glued to a manky mattress) on some waste ground in the middle of nowehere, cold and hungry and in need of a fix, you would thjink things could only get better..... . Acting all round is very good, but the two main characters, Paul (Tom Murphy) and Adam (Mark O'Halloran) were really top notch. Watch out for the guy in the sleeping bag... a real gem!. Non Dubs may need a translator. Darby O'Gill it aint, enjoy



    subtitles, but dont let that put you off. A good cops n robbers movie with all the usual requirements. Fast paced, drugs, guns, cars boats etc. The actors and director are unknown to me so I dont know of any form. but quiet a good movie, and worth a buy at EUR4.99.