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  1.  OK but missing a few important things.


    After playing for a long time with the official Sony Dual Shock 3 pad I often find my hands hot, sweaty and cramped... With the ChillStream, the cool air blowing is enough to keep your hands from becoming sweaty and the shape combined with the massaging flow of air is enough to keep my hands getting cramped regardless of how long I spend playing.

    Though as pointed out before, there is no PS button (which is a MAJOR design flaw) and the L2 & R2 triggers are replaced with buttons, making the controller useless for Racing games but doesn't matter for games that don't require pressure sensitive triggers.

    On a plus side there is the D-Mode, which switches the 8 Direction D-Pad with the Analogue stick meaning that PSN and PSone titles can be played as you prefer them (which can help a lot of you like playing the PSOne games).

    Basically it's missing a few important features. It is nice and relaxing, is a cheap additional controller and it works fine for a lot of things, but is totally useless for others.

    I'de say unless you know you can put up with it's missing Triggers and PS Button, give it a miss and go official.

  2.  Based on Playstation Plus Beta.


    DC Universe was a title I originally intended to miss, until my step-dad downloaded the Beta and I saw him playing. It looked like an action game so I gave it a go myself and "wow!".
    The game doesn't feel like a standard MMO at all, I was expecting City of Heroes/Villains or World of Warcraft with tights... but unlike your standard MMO the combat is thick, fast and exciting.

    I played as a similar character to Batman. Since I'm not a superhero fan he's pretty much the only character I can stomach. I then customised the character how I wanted and once happy with him I entered the game.
    I woke up on a strange ship being talked to by a women called Oracle, she hacked into me somehow and is sat somewhere talking to me, guiding me through the ship as I smash robots to pieces.
    As you fight your way across the ship it pops up little helpful messages to help you learn the controls and get used to combat.

    The combat starts out pretty basic, Square is Melee, Triangle is Ranged. It gets very deep and interesting pretty quickly and starts to feel a lot less like an MMO and much more like an action beat-em-up.
    As soon as you level up you, get your first skill. My first skill was a Grappling Hook that stuns enemies and drags them next to you. To do this all you have to do is hold L2 to access your skill bar, and press Square. It feels natural and you don't have to think about it in combat, you're not even scanning your keyboard for the F7 key. It's great. Then when you level up further you also get Combos similar to Hack & Slash games.
    Between the skills, combos and the speed of combat, it creates an action packed experience that makes you feel like your playing a very deep brawler.

    Outside of the combat system is the standard MMORPG stuff of grabbing loot and customising your characters appearance and stats... which is where it shines once again. The Stat system on the equipment is easy to understand and when you hover over a piece of gear in your inventory it shows you clearly how much you would gain or lose from equipping the item. No maths involved or having to dig through fan sites and forums to find out what a vaguely named stat actually does.
    Once you find something that is better, you go to equip it and you get a pop up window asking if you want to allow the piece of equipment to change how your character looks... You can equip new gear without sacrificing your characters aesthetics? Why the hell don't all MMO games do this! The guys behind DCUO obviously understand it's important to some players to have their characters look good, as well as being hard.

    I can't comment on the world or the characters, I don't know many of the DC characters or locations. But in reference to other comments about the voice acting being poor, they are speaking a load of rubbish... well it's an all-star cast and honestly, it really pays off.
    You have Adam Baldwin playing Superman (Full Metal Jacket, Mass Effect 2, Halo 3). Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill and Arleen Sorkin returning to their roles of Batman, The Joker and Harley Quinn (respectively) from Batman: Arkham Asylum. Will Wheaton as Robin (Stand By Me, Star Trek: Next Generation, Fallout: New Vegas and Everquest 2). Michelle Forbes as Circe (Half-Life 2, True Blood, Kalifornia). James Marsters as Lex Luther (Smallville, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Superman/Doomsday). And a whole load more.

    Overall the gameplay, controls, cast and features are great. Topped off with the fact that it's an MMO, as well as an MMO that actually suites a console... well that just makes it an astounding achievement.
    Despite the fact I have no idea who the characters are, I was still able to enjoy this game and will certainly be enjoying it on release.

  3.  Excellent Product, especially for the price


    I had the Speed-Link SL-8755 for a long time and had no problem with it, The sound quality is excellent and I never got a problem or complaint about the microphone. OK if I wore it for an overnight gaming session my ears would start to ache but apart from that I have to say they are truly amazing products for the price, comfort is perfectly fine for a few hours and apply the right amount of pressure to stop them constantly falling off your head.
    And yes as mentioned before, they are not "Full Metal" as they are mainly silver plastic, but what can you expect from a £5 product?

  4.  Excellent Game


    I bought this pretty much as soon as it came out of closed beta, usually MMO's bore me after a few month at best, WAR however has been constantly evolving and improving from day 1 so I'm still playing all this time later.
    As a heavy player of both Destruction and Order in multiple servers i have to say its incredibly well balanced, as soon as one side starts to dominate they will make a fatal mistake and lose their advantage, so as in any PvP game it can go out of balance at any time but is restored to an even playing field in a flash. A lot of people complain that one side dominates the other but since its coming from both sides I'm sure people reading this are smart enough to realize its pretty even, which side dominates changes nearly every other hour so no side is "constantly winning" as some people claim.
    I have purchased 4 copies of this game so far (2 collectors and 2 standard, only 1 being for myself of course) and have to say the collectors is well worth the extra money for the extra stuff, the EXP boost potion you get is very helpful between level 19 and 20 + the box and physical contents are worth the cash on their own.

    * Very Detailed World
    * Loads of extra content added through free expansions (including the new Land of The Dead)
    * Nearly all original problems have been fixed after this first year or so.
    * Welcome back presents for people who have rejoined so older players are coming back
    * Excellent PvP Equalizer system that makes sure even lower level players are still dangerous and everybody has a chance.
    * Next to no grinding is ever required as all quests are short and sweet (apart from Event Quests) with an excellent story that makes you want to read what the NPC's tell you (first online game i have ever enjoyed reading the NPC dialogs)

    * Bits of minor lag during huge keep battles (this is mainly down to slow connection and struggling hardware rather then the servers fault)
    * Patches far too often for people on limited broadband (like myself )
    * Areas aren't always as populated as you would hope.
    * Some Event Quests (such as the Halloween Event) take too long to complete.