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  1.  Excellent game


    friends convinced me to get this game, always loved battlefield 2 so i thought id give this a try, all in all, its a Excellent game, graphics are brill, gameplay is even better. Even though my system needs upgrading so its possibly one of the only games ive got that that i can run at max XD

    Only downside is the amount of level 45-50's in the game, which can become annoying if ur late buying it like me and arent a good level yet, put thats no fault of the game, just search for a lower level server ;)

  2.  Amazing!


    This game is truly amazing, its not just about racing, its about avoiding the other 20 players as they try to beat your car to nothing, the only chance youll have is if your good at it or you get far enough ahead they cant touch you, even then, youll get the odd shunt coming at you.

    It really does get hectick at times, incredible fun!

    Also, the only gaming is no different to the single player, meaning u can level up in multiplayer instead of just racing. There is some real skill involved.

  3.  Amazing Game!


    this game is just amazing! very chalenging when you really start to get into it :p love the multiplayer even though it can get a little laggy at times. Game runs really smoothly on even a low end system like mine : AMD x2 3800+ clocked at (2.7Ghz), GTS250 1GB, and 2GB DDR1 ram. With settings at max and resolution at 1900x1200 on a 24" and still 60fps :D

  4.  Overall Amazing!


    I dont normally like the super gorey type films, but i loved every second of these. And it was amazing cheap aswell! Not overrated i my opinion at all. I actually like how complex the storyline can get. Although i do agree, the 1st 3 were the best. still 5/5

  5.  Favourate game of all time!


    This has got to be one of my favourate games of all time, and i only wish they wud bring the second on PC aswell. I gave it 4/5 because for about 2 days, i wasnt able to play the game due to a error in the game, so it kinda recked it abit. Thankfully, it got fixed and i didnt stop playing for days!