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  1.  Great


    If you like the Cky series or Jackass you will love it. If you like skateboarding this is also excellent with cameo's of the worlds best (trying to act - lol).
    The film is soo stylish at points with brilliant camera work and fresh ideas you would think you are watching a big budget production, at other parts there is the amateur style which fits with the home video feel of Cky but ultimately the whole film works and it's hilarious.

  2.  Easy fix for programs


    All you need to do is open Task Manager and close the programs.
    It's a shame this is quite a slow phone thou but I give it 4 stars for having nearly every feature you need.

  3.  A real classic


    I never played this when it was first released and only purchased last week due to the great price.
    I can't believe what I've been missing. Like a few people I was a little let down by GTA4 as I couldn't really get into the story, with this game however the characters came to life instantly with great ambiance and comedy.
    The game play is classic GTA and goes back to its roots with easy to grasp controls and driving with adequate physics which gives you a challenge but still allows you to have FUN.
    This really is one of the PSP's best games.

  4.  Gets you through


    Just like to say that I used this software alone to pass the therory test, it really can cover everything.
    The perception test is sometimes tricky but practice makes perfect, if you want to pass buy this!!!

  5.  Amazing


    The transfer to blu ray is brilliant including Dolby True HD audio which is well detailed.
    The only downside for me is the aspect ratio, you do get used to it only using about 50% of your screen but it is a little annoying...
    The films are fantastic and well worth watching even if you have seen them a few times before!

  6.  My dreams are smashed


    I was also drawn into the hype of this game. What I got out of it was 4 hours of repetitive, boring gameplay and a big warning not to do drugs as people will turn yellow!

  7.  For some games


    This is a great addition for some games; I prefer not to use them for trigger reliant games such as Burnout 3 as you do those some control.

  8.  Worth a go


    From the start I thought this was gonna be the game to introduce me to the ps3. It was until half way through the basic hack and slash did not stop ........ but I did!
    Never finished it but it will appeal to some, worth a go at platinum price.

  9.  Great


    Really nice controller, almost identical to sixaxis but I find this has faster reacting L3 and R3 sticks.