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  1.  Nice Pen. Slightly Dissapointed.


    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pen, its great and better than expected. The only gripe I have is the product description is quite misleading. Only 1 is supplied and there was no real indication on the item description. The picture needs updating as it shows a multipack. Value for money for one pen? I'm not sure.

  2.  Opinion....


    Firstly, this doesn't feel like a Bond movie whatsoever. Daniel Craig is brilliant as he was in Casino Royale, but he's not being given the role of Bond as it should be here. It's a little unfair really. I imagine that when you're offered the role of James Bond it's something which you think is going to be really good fun, and right now they've stripped the fun aspect of the role completely from the new movies. I know they're supposed to be 'more gritty' and 'updated' but it just doesn't feel like a James Bond franchise any more. Give the guy a couple of one-liners at least, or a really good villian to bounce off.

    Which brings me to my next point. Where the hell was the villian in this movie??? You're not seriously trying to tell me that this Greene fella was it? Surely not. What was his motive? Did he kill anyone? Is he wanted by the CIA? Is he dangerous? Does he have a gang? Is he psychotic? Is he trying to do something which will endanger the world?

    No. Is probably the answer to all those questions. He's just some little ugly fella who's trying to buy some land. Yaaaaay!

    That's NOT a villian. That's just some random guy who someone other than Bond should be taking care of. I know that there's a story arc here which is a little deeper than just having a bad guy, and I know it's a continuation of Casino Royale, but it just seems that you need to have a good villian in each of these films. You can't expect a James Bond movie to be fine without a good villian. If you do then you may aswell call it something else, cos it's not Bond.

    The action is top-notch, the acting is very very good, and as I said before I think Craig has everything needed to play an edgier Bond, a new Bond for the noughties (as they say), but he's just not had enough to get into as far as I'm concerned, and for that reason the movie is ultimately disappointing. I thought that Casino Royale was an introduction and that the next one would be full-on brilliant Bond back to his best, but it isn't. Casino Royale is a much better film, which shouldn't have been the case.