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  1.  FATALITY!!!


    One of the best MK game in years! It's brutal, bone crunching and full of your favourite classic MK characters, given a modern makeover! The story reinvents the MK mythos with reasons behind why some characters are the way they look/are. The fatalities have also made a gory return, a MUCH more gory and violent return. Plus, you can test your might, sight, luck and strike! One to have in your fighting collection!

  2.  A breath of fresh air.


    I nearly gave up on the 'Horror' genre with it's endless teen slasher filcks.... Then i watched Saw. WOW, i was really impressed. It has a really good script, well directed, great score and a twist you'd never see coming. One of my fave horror films.

  3.  Be a part of the conspiracy!


    Fans will enjoy this game version of the hit TV show as Tom Paxton, a Company agent sent to moniter Scofield's activities in Fox River. It has all the atmosphere of the show and the likenesses and voices of the actual actors are a nice touch. The combat system isn't great although better than Saw and passable. The graphics are cool and is not 'PS2 graphics' as a reviewer said on here (360 version i think).

  4. SAW



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     Don't listen to the positive reviews.


    I am a huge Saw fan so i just has to buy this. For its retail price, it's not worth it! Firstly, only Tobin Bell reprises his role as Jigsaw. None of the actors from the movies come back for voices and neither do their likeness's. Secondly, the conbat system is really poor, worse than Silent Hill in fact. Some of the puzzles become irritatingly repitive and it is mosty, poorly written, with characters repeating the same old dialogue. Aside from Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, the only reedeeming factors are the surroundings and the return of some infamous traps form the films. Dissapointingly the main Saw theme doesn't feature. It's fun enough to play with some gruesome scenes and creepy atmosphere but i can't say it's great though. Best buy this when it goes down in price.

  5.  An Awful Horror Rip-Off!


    This so called 'Horror' rips off both Halloween AND Friday The 13th. Even the front cover looks as though it was ripped off from one of the Halloween films. It's cheesy, unentertaining and full of annoying cliches. Complete garbage!

  6.  Love it!


    The Movies is the best simulation game since The Sims and certainly the best 'Tycoon' game ever. With this expansion there are so much more added. Use the green screen, write your own scripts, be in charge of a rising studio and clean up at the awards. There is one downfall thoughm it can be too comical. Buy The Movies and The Movies Stunts And Efffects now!. Hope they make a new expansion.

  7.  Slapstick at it's very best.


    Sellers is a comedy legend who was born to play the hapless, inept Insp. Clouseau. His slighty psychopathic superior Dreyfuss, Clouseau's sneaky Chinese servant and of course master thieves, Sir Charles Lytton and Simon Lytton are the many memorable characters in these comedy gem movies. The only let down is the final instalment after Seller's death, not to mention the Steve Martin re-do's.

  8.  Sadisticly entertaining!!!


    The 2004 film was a bit if a let down but thankfully, Tom Jane reprises his role in this brutally violent. action game. Play as The PUNISHER!!! Torture criminals for information, use the environment to execute your enemies or just simply blast 'em away with an impressive arsenal of weapons. With a brand new story from Garth Ennis, you'll be left wanting more.

  9.  Directorially awful but....


    ....Strangely entertaining family viewing. George Clooney is terrible as Batman and Chris O'Donnell is not bad as Robin. Schwarzenegger is cheesy but in a funny way and Uma Thurman tries her best as Poison Ivy. Batgirl was unnecessary.

  10.  Terrible!!!


    Why oh why was this made for teenagers... PG-13 (US), 15 (UK)? Where was the suspense? Where was the horror? The blood and gore? What made Predator join with it's enemy? Why the shambles of a storyline? The only good thing about it is that Bishop is back but only in human from. Such an awful prequel.