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  1.  Fantastic game that brings back great memories


    From the very beginning its clear that Eurocom have taken a lot of effort to bring this game using the classic N64 game as a blueprint. Though the locations have stayed, they are now told in a new way, with different actors, weapons, gadgets taking place over the original. But the ultimate trump card is that of stealth, just like the original you will have to make a conscience choice of silence over guns blazing. My advice is to always get in close for a silent takedown as simple head shots can be quite difficult (even on the lowest difficulty) and usually require a number of well place shots to ensure no other guards hear you. In terms of control, this really is down to your own personal preference, i found the wii remote config "experienced 3" very similar to Medal of honor heroes & Metroid prime 3. Online multiplayer really outshines this time with only a few minor niggles (no wii speak + fiddly bounding boxes on split screen multi )

    Overall this is a fantastic game for both old & new gamers that truly shows what the Wii is capable of and finally gives the system a 1st person shooter worthy of the highest honour. For once motion control feels just right !!!!

  2.  Awesome game


    I was worried at first that this would only just be a short update with a few extra characters, but after a few hours this game really shines for nostalgic fans of the true classic SFII. New features include ability to upload recent fights instantly & to able to watch some of the best go at it in a style similar to youtube hits. Definately worth every penny at such a bargain price

  3.  Fantastic game, reminds me of lylat wars


    Its hard to know where to begin with how to describe this game, but i have had it for some time & it really is amazing. The controls for the 1st time, just feel so perfect with little to no need for classic/gc configs. For those of you who wanna know how this game plays, it is almost identical to rez & lylat wars, in that you use a combination of the lock on system & dodging to tactically take down the on screen opponents. Its hard to understand why the original was never released outside of japan, but im sure the latest 9.2 review from IGN will change everything.

  4.  Terrible !!! Completely different game to other versions !


    I was expecting it to be like the 360/PS3 versions, but its got none of that blood in it, just a standard hack n slash with minimal upgrades available, not even worth a rent !

  5.  Bit of trial & error sometimes but does the job


    Since the forums & youtube have been flooded with different methods, i will explain how i got mine to work.

    [Wii Latest Version 3.2e - TV MUST SUPPORT 60hz (480i/p)]

    Boot Method 1 - Insert freeloader disc, eject & insert import game

    Boot Method 2 - Insert freeloader disc, eject, reinsert freeloader, eject & then insert import game


    Red screen - Only happens if using a RGB Cable, revert to NON-RGB slot in tv or you use either component or composite cable

    Black screen - Revert to alternate boot method

    Black & White screen - TV doesnt support NTSC signals

    [Games tested]

    Manhunt 2 (USA)

    Boot method 1 - Red screen if using RGB Cable, perfect using Component or Standard Composite / Scart.

    Boot method 2 - Works perfectly with all cables

    Smash Bros Brawl (USA)

    Boot method 1 - Red screen if using RGB Cable, perfect using Component or Standard Composite / Scart

    Boot method 2 - Black Screen, though audio can be heard

    All in all a great product that plays pretty much every NTSC Wii game there is & a few NTSC gamecube games too. Highly recommended for the impatient like me.

  6.  Very disappointing


    I am a true avp fan but even i couldnt believe how much this film sucked. A third of this movie is spent looking for keys in a sewer, the rest is only slightly saved when the predator comes & uses a few new good weapons. Dont expect any horror or suspense just really pointless gore.
    Take my advice watch the trailers only cos thats the closest you can get to forgetting this film.

  7.  Best film ever !!


    Theres not that many films or people in this day & age that can truly inspire. But for those of you who spend your lives balancing everything at once will truly understand where this film is going. Forget all the one starts littering about, they all just wanted some will smith action movie with humour. This is all about how tough life can truly be for those that really try the hardest. Message is never give up, inspiration is all around us