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  1.  Well worth the money


    An essential purchase for any music lover out there. The 120GB capacity will hold over a lifetime of music, honestly you could get away with 30GB and still have plenty to spare. Though you can also store videos & pictures if you want - and theres still plenty of space. It also makes an excellent external hard drive - for files of any purpose.
    The drag and drop feature in ITunes makes it really easy to use and is available for free off their website. It may not be as good as media player, but for sheer ease of use is excellent.
    The battery life on this product is excellent exceeding 20-30 hours on 1 charge, even after years of ownership it still holds a good charge.
    The only slight problem is that it's not static memory, which means that when running or similar it may skip, but generally only after a long time. The earphones provided are tinny and uncomfortable, but you should be able to pick up a decent set for around £15.
    In summary the build quality is excellent and there really isn't a comparable product on the market, well worth the money if your in the market for an MP3 player,

  2.  A hard album to get a hold of...


    This seems to be a very difficult album to actually buy, no one seems to stock it and it only seems available from America.
    That said it is definitely worth the effort, if you can get it for a reasonable price that is. Certainly worthy of it's critical acclaim it brings together the best of vocal melody and amazing riffs, the piercing screams build an amazing contrast and really get the songs across. Amazing lyrics and well thought out choruses really show how much potential this band had.
    Similar to there self entitled album in style but does seem to maintain some of the more 'poppy' moments from Faso Latido.
    Probably the bands best work, absolutely brilliant.

  3.  Only buy for gamerpoints...


    This is very probably the worst game ever made, it's definately on a par with the simpsons games for the SNES.
    It's not fun, it's not interesting, the graphics are awful, the dubbing and 'action sequences' are terrible, there is no saving grace for this game.
    The only reason anyone has ever bought it was for the exceptionally easy gamerpoints, if you don't believe how easy it is theres a video on youtube. (it's under 3 mins long)
    I would really ignore the 'star' rating as this is the worst game in existence, if I could give it zero stars I would, it's that bad.

  4.  good quality, pity it's a single button blazer


    I bought this and it really wasn't what i was expecting, the quality is excellent as is the fit, but it's a bit strange. Lying somewhere between a suit jacket, a blazer and a hoody... it's really a bit odd.
    there is only one button to keep it closed, the pockets are sown shut flaps and the whole jacket ends up feeling slightly pretentious.
    If Hooded blazers are your thing though, this will be exactly what your looking for.

  5.  nothing special


    Essentially a slightly re-vamped tiberium wars. With a few new units including the massive redeemer and MARV tanks and the faction specific units - which frankly suck, but make the game slightly more interesting.
    The campaign mode is easy, regardless of the difficulty setting and can suffer from extreme slow down in various places. The clockface selection tool often sticks on a unit after using it to select, which is mildly irritating... Some missions are really anti-climactic as the build up is suddenly destroyed with "mission complete", and the bonus objectives are pointless as there's no achievement for getting them all...
    The acting in the video sequences is pretty bad, but thats to be expected. Kanes wrath is a good RTS and follows well from it's predecessor, even if it doesn't bring anything new to the table.
    To be honest I wouldn't be too depressed if you miss it because it's nothing special, If you've got time to kill it's alright.

  6.  A must read.


    A true modern day classic, this book was simply excellent. With vivid descriptions, truly believable characters, an amazing story and the underlying themes this is a book you can rarely put down.
    It's often compared slightly unfavourably with "Lord of the flies" and also draws comparisons from the film - but if you take this book on face value, with no pretenses of what you think you'll find, it is brilliant.

  7.  What game were they playing?


    After reading the other reviews on play I assumed that this was going to be good. But after playing for even a few minutes I realised it really wasn't going to be.
    The game seems to start without any real story, it starts more like something on a commodore would, a short description and no indication of whats actually going on.
    Incredibly linear, theres only 1 path to follow. The gameplay is dull and repetitive - honestly it's on a par with the ridiculous avatar game they released... a cash in on the tv watching/movie going public. In short - avoid!

  8.  infinitely unplayable...


    I am thoroughly unconvinced that this game is deserving of some of the amazing reviews it has received, in my opinion it's pretty awful, uninvolving and frankly irritating.
    Games like "dragonquest" on PS2 are a tribute to the failings of this game. They were involving, with great battle systems and story lines. This just isn't.
    The AI is terrible, your cast of imbeciles will spend most of their time running around absorbing enemy attacks and then using all your potions healing themselves... useful... they rarely attack and when they do, it rarely helps.
    The story line seems fair enough, maybe even good enough to be classed as inspired, but let's not get carried away. The gameplay is mediocre at best and the 'real time' system would only work if you're team mates where any use at all.
    You are often poorly directed i.e head north, and theres about 10 different paths that way... The cut scenes rarely have audio, as they haven't bothered dubbing, and the voice acting for the rest is pretty awful. The graphics are nothing to write home about as they look a bit last gen. There is no 'exploring' so to speak as there are 'invisible walls' everywhere.
    This game just doesn't live up to the expectations of a game on xbox360, it would probably feel more at home on a ps1.

  9.  just breathe


    An amazing album, slightly ruffer than white lies, but to be honest I think that makes it sound better. Of the post-hardcore genre, lovehatehero mix great sing alongs with piercing screams and amazing riffs. A great album, stand out tracks include 'The Risk', 'A Glass of Water, A Grain of Salt' and 'These Fists Are Grenades'.
    For fans of anything from early 'escape the fate' to 'a day to remember'.

  10.  their best album to date


    This is a massively entertaining album, with stand out tracks like 'Felt Through A Phone Line' and 'Midnight Swim' it really manages to follow on from snow capped romance in amazing style. This album manages to go between heavy metal and lighter sounds to build a contrast which makes this album something you'll be listening to for quite a while to come.