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  1.  Amazing price


    By reading all your reviews has given me the sway to buy this item, could anyone tell me how long the batery life lasts for?
    many thanks x

  2.  Truely Amazing


    This Jacob Black metal jewelry box is absolutly loverly!
    I had this as a suprise gift for christmas and its better than what i thought it would be when i took it out of the box.
    The box itsself is better than what the pick shows as all the details are smooth with loverly carvings.
    The pick of jacob himself is sealed within the lid, so you cant put a different pick in it sadly, but the pick of jacob is gorgues for any jacob black fan =]
    The box isnt that big just about bigger than your hand but if you want to put any boxes in it it will easily fit two.
    Overall this is a fab buy as it is also really strong, so if you drop it it wont brake.
    Fab box devo worth the money! =]

  3.  Totally gorgeus!


    Now hear is a guy who can set any lasses hearts racing!

    Anyone know where you can buy a topless poster of him from? :P
    watched the film last night ^.^ and jacob is devo the most sexiest guy in twilight :P

  4.  Really cool


    Could anyone tell me how big this bag is please?
    And if the cogs for the strap is made out of plastic?
    Thank you

  5. Teeth



    4 New from  £5.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.98

     Freaky! If you believe in this then no more fun xD


    Well Compared to all the other comments i think this film Was pretty good, It does have a story line but it could of ended much better!

  6.  Awsome Top xD


    Having this top from crimbo!
    The reviews were usefull as it helped me to chose a size ^.^
    It would be good if there was a size guide though,
    Is there any chance of putting one on?
    Thank yew!

  7.  Wow! Mind blowing film! Its A Must Buy!!!!


    This is such a captivating film, not one film before has kept my eyes on the screan!
    This film captures a true but yet a sad story.
    It is full of action all the way through, about how a father has courage to go half way across the world to save his own daughter before its to late....That he will never see her again.
    this film is so amazing im deffinately going to buy this film when it comes out.
    Its a bargin at any price in my opinion!

  8.  Always Amazing


    I know this is a kiddies film but i love it so much!

  9.  The Mist


    This film to me was very disapointing.
    It has a good review off people but it as good as people said.
    It takes at least 40 mins for the film to get interesting.
    One night watch only film :(