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  1. Conduit


    Funeral For A Friend - CD

    18 New from  £5.28  Free delivery

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     Favourite FFAF style yet!


    Great album! Would have rated 5 stars but for one criticism.. only two tracks exceed the three-minute mark, which is too early for my liking!

    However, the style is my favourite yet! Most of the tracks have a similar bass and vocals as in the Broken Foundations track on WHA. Not too sure if there is a 7th album on the cards, but would hope it to be of a similar style to Conduit!

  2.  Truly amazing album


    Craig David at his best and definately a must-buy for anyone who likes to chill out and listen to great lyrics and flowing beats.

    The album is that good some lowlife broke into my car and stole my cd player it was in at the time... maybe just co-incedence ey?

  3.  Inception is amazing on every level


    This film is a must-watch. The concept of stealing thoughts and ideas from peoples dream is portrayed brilliantly. There's so much going off and to keep up with and to look out for that you just don't want it to end.

    Im going to stop before I spoil it for future viewers =)

  4.  Great yes, but still some disappointments =(


    Love this game; amazing graphics (notibly when the ball hits the back of the net.. so realistic) and generally great gameplay and probably the best football game out there.

    However, it still carries a few of the hated flaws that ruin the reality-experience. My most hated one is that the ref frequently gives fouls (and sometimes yellow cards) for perfectly good clean tackles from the front. Others such as unrealistically poor first touches and lack of intelligence of defenders are still apparent. However, the goalkeeper bugs seem to have been fixed and can now be relied on.

    I love the speed gauge on passes, rather than it being auto'ed to reach a player makes it more realistic as you can over/under hit them and is more satisfying when you perfectly time a through ball.

    Great game; just hope the next one solves some of the above.

  5.  Brilliant


    Despite all the auto-tune critics wrongly doing this out of a 5-star rating overall; it is definately 5-stars. Autotune is something modern, inspired by Kanye West and Will.I.Am and offers an awesome change to our music. Yes I appreciate natural vocals, but autotune can be fun too and this guy proves it.



    What an incredible album this!! The songs are phonomenal, its unreal!!! Genius.
    4 Words (to choke upon) is one of the greatest tracks ever!
    Her voice resides, suffocating under the words of sorrow, hit the floor, room 409, cries in vain and spit you out are also ridiculously awesome songs!



    This album gets a few bad reviews but I cannot understand why, its absolutely incredible!!
    Maybe it doesn't have the same amounts of screaming and shouting as 'Hours' and 'Casually Dressed', but the songs are still completely awesome. A must buy in my opinion.
    My favourites; Into oblivion, the diary, on a wire, raise the sail, open water and out of reach



    Another insane album by funeral for a friend. Most of the songs on this album grow intensely addictive! Brilliant vocals to match the awesome beats! Had this in my car for weeks!!
    My favourites are; to die like mouchette, kicking and screaming, constant illuminations, maybe i am, beneath the burning tree and someday the fire.