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  1.  Cheap and it actually works


    I bought mine 2 weeks ago, i can say for a fiver i wasnt expecting much but i was pleasently suprised when my biceps were bigger and more toned after just 1 week. How ever i havnt seen much difference in my abs, ( but i do have high body fat)

    I would reccomend this product for anyone as it increases the size of any muscle on your body
    I have used it on my arms, abs and pectorals and seen a big improvment.

    It is vry good but i am now ordering my second one as it got stood on and now doesnt work.

    For all the people wanting more gel!!!! Google abgymnic and you will reach their shop, from their you can buy 300ml of the gel for around £10 i think

  2.  Try the demo first


    I downloaded the demo for this game.
    my thoughts were that the voice system was a good addition to the game so you use it if u want or not. The classes e.g. engineers, tanks were very good but it can be a very slow game to get started as most of the vehicles rive very slow over big maps.
    The demo didnt make very much sense but i suppose you dont get the same feeling from a demo.
    With alot of other games coming out this month i wouldn't but it unless you a real fan of stratergy games.
    Try the demo first as it is free off Xbox live and this will give you an indication if you want to but it.

  3.  This game is a must have for 360 and ps3


    Having read up on this game, watched hours of game footage and played 4 days on the beta i can say this game is set up to be amazing.
    At first i thought this game was going to be cod3 remake that would get boring after a few days. I was soooo wrong, with only 3 maps and half the weapons the beta is still exciting.

    Good points;
    -Amazing campaign that looks like it will be hard and fun
    -4 Player split screen in all campaign and zombie modes
    - Zombie mode !!! This is going to be really big, if you havn't heard about this well, zombie mode is a game mode where 4 players online or in splitscreen have to defend a house from nazi zombies, it looks very exciting and hard.
    - The online- online will not be as good as cod4 but it will be very good

    Bad points-
    Unnaccurate guns
    Noting else except from its not free!!!

    Overall this game will be cod4 but put back 60 years, yes this is a good thing because it is the best game out there but with a huge expansion pack :0

  4.  Good game online and off


    This game can last you for hours;
    Good points;
    -Campaign is hard on legendary, this is a big challenge
    -Forge mode, creating your own maps can keep u entertained for hours
    -Online is good as it takes skill but it can be annoying e.g.- long time to get a game and when some1 quits they cant be replased

    Bad points-
    Campaign is too hard on legendary for people who dont like a challenge
    Online can be a bad experience if you are not a big fps gamer

    Overall a game which every 360 owner must have as it can keep you entertained for a very long due to its campaign mode and its exciting and competative online games

  5.  Verey good


    Buy this from play as it has fast free delivery and it is at an ok price

  6.  Best football game out!!! a+


    This game is the best football game out on xbox 360.
    The day i bought it i played through half a seasons of manager mode. This mode is brilliant as you can play it for month on end and it will never be the same.
    The graphics are average as are most football games but the game play is excellant.
    The players are very responsive to your movement on the stick, i would say to sensetive to movement at times as players can go off running when you want them to stand still.
    It has a good choice of teams, formations and button configs.
    This game is also very good online as it features modes to play 1 vs 1 or in the amazing 10 vs 10 be a pro mode.
    This game is a must buy for late night playing when no1 is online to play online FPS's and is better in my opinion than other competition.