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  1.  Excellent experience


    This game is excellent. You have to be acurate with the moves as the move controller tracks you exactly but you still get points, so it's not all or nothing. It's a great work out too. You can be dancing for 30 minutes and not know where the time has gone. This is fun as a single player or great as a party game. Loads of songs are included so you can never get bored. Brilliantly done. Definate 5 stars.

  2.  Simple packaging but complete.


    Excellent slimline packaging and all the episodes are there. Lost one star due to the fact there are no lables on the outside of the plain black dvd sleeves and no episode guide book.
    So, just to be helpful:
    1st Season 1984
    Disc 1
    The Murder of Sherlock Holmes - Pilot
    Deadly Lady

    Disc 2
    Birds of a Feather
    Hooray for Homicide
    It's a Dog's Life
    Lovers and Other Killers

    Disc 3
    Hit, Run and Homicide
    We're Off to Kill the Wizard
    Death Takes a Curtain Call
    Death Casts a Spell

    Disc 4
    Capitol Offense
    Broadway Malady
    Murder to a Jazz Beat
    My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean

    Disc 5
    Paint Me a Murder
    Tough Guys Don't Die
    Sudden Death
    Footnote to Murder

    Disc 6
    Murder Takes the Bus
    Armed Response
    Murder at the Oasis
    Funeral at Fifty-mile

    2nd Season 1985
    Disc 1
    Widow, Weep for Me
    Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly
    Murder in the Afternoon
    School for Scandal

    Disc 2
    Sing a Song of Murder
    Reflections of the Mind
    A Lady in the Lake
    Dead Heat

    Disc 3
    Jessica Behind Bars
    Sticks & Stones
    Murder Digs Deep
    Murder By Appointment Only

    Disc 4
    Trial By Error
    Keep the Home Fries Burning
    Powder Keg
    Murder in the Electric Cathedral

    Disc 5
    One Good Bid Deserves a Murder
    If a Body Meet a Body
    Christopher Bundy Died On Sunday

    Disc 6
    Menace, Anyone?
    The Perfect Foil
    If the Frame Fits

    3rd Season 1986
    Disc 1
    Death Stalks the Big Top (1)
    Death Stalks the Big Top (2)
    Unfinished Business
    One White Rose for Death

    Disc 2
    Corned Beef & Carnage
    Dead Man's Gold
    Deadline for Murder
    Magnum On Ice (2)

    Disc 3
    Obituary for a Dead Anchor
    Stage Struck
    Night of the Headless Horseman
    The Corpse Flew First Class

    Disc 4
    Crossed Up
    Murder in a Minor Key
    The Bottom Line Is Murder
    Death Takes a Dive

    Disc 5
    Simon Says, Color Me Dead
    No Laughing Murder
    No Accounting for Murder
    The Cemetery Vote

    Disc 6
    The Days Dwindle Down
    Murder She Spoke
    The great 80s flashback
    Bonus episode - Magnum PI novel connection

    4th Season 1987
    Disc 1
    A Fashionable Way to Die
    When Thieves Fall Out
    Witness for the Defense
    Old Habits Die Hard

    Disc 2
    The Way to Dusty Death
    It Runs in the Family
    If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly
    Steal Me a Story

    Disc 3
    Trouble in Eden
    Indian Giver
    Doom With a View
    Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

    Disc 4
    Harbinger of Death
    Curse of the Daanau
    Mourning Among the Wisterias
    Murder Through the Looking Glass

    Disc 5
    A Very Good Year for Murder
    Benedict Arnold Slipped Here
    Just Another Fish Story
    Showdown in Saskatchewan

    Disc 6
    The Body Politic
    Season 5 episode - Snow White Blood Red

    5th Season 1988
    Disc 1
    J.B... as in Jailbird
    A Little Night Work
    Mr. Penroy's Vacation
    Snow White, Blood Red

    Disc 2
    Coal Miner's Slaughter
    Wearing of the Green
    The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel
    Prediction: Murder

    Disc 3
    Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
    Weave a Tangled Web
    The Search for Peter Kerry
    Smooth Operators

    Disc 4
    Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble
    From Russia...With Blood
    Alma Murder
    Truck Stop

    Disc 5
    The Sins of Castle Cove
    Trevor Hudson's Legacy
    Double Exposure

    Disc 6
    Three Strikes, You're Out
    Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall (1)
    Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall (2)

  3.  One to keep.


    I really loved this movie. It's the perfect romantic comedy. Sandra Bullock at her best. This will go with the films to watch again and again.

  4.  Should be a 12 due to language


    Great film but definately not a PG due to a whopping great F word. Don't know how they missed that.

  5.  Some say


    he's the coolest stress toy around! Nice size and he stretches good. Nice fun gift for any fan of the show.

  6.  Great for someone you don't like


    I bought this as it looked like a nice fun novelty gift. Unfortunately it has "Up yours!" across the top of the packaging. You win some you lose some.

  7.  Huge for a Lego man but excellent quality


    He is 7cm tall. The torch works well and it is very high quality, as you expect from Lego. A fun gift.

  8.  Lovely.


    Ordered XL and fits great as a size 12/14. Really lovely top.

  9.  Light and girly


    This is a very flattering style. The Large is a generous 14 but you can pull the ties to fit your waist size. The arm holes are cut too low and you can see your bra if you raise your arm so I will be sewing mine up a bit. The colour is nice and it will be something you wear all summer.

  10.  Skinny and cool


    Size L is a small 12. It is quite a long skinny fit but looks great on. Fleece lining is nice and warm. There is a heart on the back on the shoulder too. Cool logos and comfortable. What more could you want?