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  1.  WOW - what a great big change


    Right fair enough the COD series is a good. It was one of the better FPS games I have bought. However after I completed the campaign, which was rather good, hence the two stars, I started to play online. Wow is it boring. It's the same as COD: 4 but with WW2 style. Fair enough if you love WW2 then it's a good game but everything is the same. It's like a blanket has been put on top of COD: 4 saying WW2. The only change in the game play is that you can blow limbs off - the novelty soon wares off. Sorry treyarch I just wanted to see something new to online game play.

  2.  Addiction - To the MAX!


    This game really does pump up the addiction factor. I've played every total war game to date, and this tops them all, well I should expect it to anyway. However, this isn't a bad not by the way, I prefer to play the game, complete it and then do the expansion pack. But that's me. Personally an awesome buy especially for the price, hours of fun believe me. :) one thing though, for people with low end comps please check that you have got the system requirements for the game, its annoying to get the game and it don't work. Just helping lol. :) BUY IT NOW!



    Well I already have the full version of this game (got it on holiday to America, also got Condemned 2: Bloodshot if you wana check my review out there). This is one of those games where you play it and then you go off and go back on the Vegas 2 or COD:4, but really trust me, as it sinks in your really love it. The Glaive is absolutely awesome especially when you can control what direction it travels in, arms legs, heads and whole torsos can be ripped in have with this unique weapon. But WAIT... it doesn't stop there, the guns on this game also pair with the glaive to make a massacre for your enemy, oh and by the way the glaive the ninja star type blade on the front cover. Especially with the black market option, found throughout the game, you can buy and sell your weapons with money made from killing people and by finding it lying about.
    This game deserves it 5 stars as it earns every one of my needs that I see in a game, 1) FUN - Defo, cutting people up isn't fun?, 2)GAMEPLAY - Yep, intense battle, you against a whole range of bad guys(ranging from soldiers to zombies), 3)GRAPHICS - yep, of course, whole environments, which look fantastic, 4)CAPABILITES - you may question this one, but it think a game needs to be free in what its character can do and, yes maybe not massively in this one but it does do it to a certain degree, and finally 5)ONLINE - This game is great online, maybe not as much fun ad COD:4, but nothing yet is as much fun as that, but it fills the spot for me, even thought you buy this kinda game for its campaign, this is just an extra. Did I help? I hope so, yep one a kind game here, a real steal and well worth your money.

  4.  Amazing assassins


    I was waiting for this game to come out for absolutely ages and when it finally arrived I was very excited. However once I played the game, got used to the controls and managed to master the art of fighting, I soon became bored with all of the monotonous game play and level. Don't get me wrong this is a great game, but it just needed that bit more variety in missions to keep me eager.

  5.  Super Shifting


    Absolutely awesome, I played the demo and though i must just get that game, a lot better than Kane + lynch for example. Played the campaign and I was blown away with the insane graphics, intense game play and the best of fun, including being able to stop, reverse and slow down time as you may have guessed. A game I surely recommend one for the record books.

  6.  Warfare Wonder


    best warfare game of the entire collection.
    Online = 10/10
    graphics = 10/10
    gameplay = 10/10
    fun = 10/10
    just truly great realistic fun, campaign is awseom, with tonnes of weapons. Online is even better with all the variety of weapons and attachments; you'll never get bored.