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  1.  Simples


    For the lads: Buy this for your girlfriend.

    She will love it

    You will be kindly rewarded ;)

  2.  Oh how I would like to toss this 5 stars


    Having gone and played many hours of Nazi zombies mode, finished most of the single-player missions and played some multi-player on the PS3 and Xbox versions with friends over the last two days, I was eagerly awaiting my own copy of the game for the PC so I could take advantage of the improved graphics and mouse and keyboard gameplay....I can say that this game should be brilliant, it is on both consoles but technically this game is an UNPLAYABLE MESS FOR PC.

    Lag in single-player campaign and zombie mode destroys the game entirely and take all the fun out of playing it. It was clearly ported poorly to PC's and regardless of your system specs you fill find no happiness with this game.

    My main gaming PC (Radeon 5780, core duo @4.2ghz and 4GB DDR3 ram, all overclocked) struggles to play this and my media center PC stood no chance. The problem lies with the games use of system resources. Connecting to a second monitor running system controls reveals on both my PC's with different hardware that the game is locked to use max 60% of my graphics processors power and only uses 10-15% of my memory which makes me wonder how the game even starts and plays the opening videos. However it offloads the rest of the work onto the processor which is in overtime running at 100% which is unholy hence the major lag in offline gameplay!

    If your still looking for reviews for the this game it means you havent bought it yet. I suggest either waiting out for tested, working game patches to improve performance or waiting to get it for christmas when it may be fixed by then. I hesitate saying this but you could also get the game for the PS3 or Xbox instead if you own one because on both consoles it really is excellent with the strongest campaign story and scripted action sequences in any COD game so far and the multi-player has improved significantly in quality control over cheaters, spammers etc. with some interesting additions of wager battles and new modes

    For the price you can buy BF2: BC and Fallout New Vegas from play so dont throw your money down the drain for this broken disappointing port :(

  3.  Pure Win


    Had the blue version of this bag for the last 3 months and its fantastic! I used it as a school bag till I finished school and it worked very well! Its pretty comfortable on the shoulders even with heavy weight loads and I agree it is larger than the bag in the picture looks but other than that it is spot on and I find it still looks the right size when carried on your back....I now used it regularly on trips to england and back and it fits the hand luggage restrictions on Ryanair and other companys perfectly I even managed to pack ten days worth of clothes and supplies into it.... It will also fit a fat ps3 and a laptop and the straps can take the weight....just fun facts...5 stars :)

  4.  ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2009


    Seriously this is just such an amazing album! The 3 night at the astoria concert + the other extras are well worth the extra couple of euros over the standard album! Buy this now!

  5.  Quite possibly the coolest T ever!


    This is an immense T-shirt! Go buy now! I got the medium and it reasonably good size wise but its always a gamble so good luck! Also washes well and everyone thinks its cool!

  6.  Good Stuff!


    So I just got this today and I have to say its pretty good! Just plugs into the wall socket and charges everything from my iriver X20 Mp3/4 player to my Nokia Phone to a little USB vacuum there. Great use of a fiver!

  7.  4 Discs of action packed spy action


    That pretty much sums it up! Great show with a lot of potential, good character interaction and lots of car chases, gunfights and spy action. Their is a simple yet immersive main story that evolves nearly every episode but the single episode plots are usually quite good too! Very explosive and well done double parter series finale to that gives some closure but really makes you beg for new episodes. Recommended for fans of Dexter as it has that likeable main character who talks in first person to himself a lot about spy things similair to Dexters dialogue about killings. Also for anyone who liked the TV show Las Vegas. Nothing majorly bad to say about it!


  8.  Note to all PC gamers who want this controller!



    You either need to buy a wired pc certified xbox controller, a wireless pc certified controller which comes with the wireless hub or buy an additional wireless hub for this controller as It does not come with a hub which is needed to connect this to the PC. Your best option is to buy the official Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller For Windows which is listed here on Play.com or a Wireless crossfire gaming reciver for Windows which is also listed on Play.com