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  1.  The Golden Age of the PS2


    Before Uncharted Naughty Dog had crafted two masterful game series.
    Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter.
    The Jak and Daxter trilogy is perhaps on the best trilogies ever created.
    Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy is fun, exciting and beautiful to boot it is one of the most creative games we have ever seen.
    Jak 2 takes all the bright vibrant locations and cute characters and throws them into a desolate urban city. With guns and the ability to hijack hover cars, this felt like a GTA for kids at the time but the story telling and characters are so unforgettable that this truly stands out as a gem and an epic sequel.
    Jak 3 toned the difficulty down from Jak 2 to form a perfect experience for the series. It felt like both the first and second game in one and features some truly breathtaking worlds. The urban Haven city makes a return but it is the harsh wastelands that truly shine. There is so much to do that it will last a good twenty plus hours all of which you will never get lose interest. It wraps up the series perfectly and one can only hope for a 4th installment from Naughty Dog in the future.
    An epic exciting journey that you will love every second of.

  2.  The future of ratchet and clank


    My first ever game was ratchet and clank 1 and i got it the first day it was out from then there were my favourite games but when u come to this game yeh it may be different but the graphics and gameplay are so good u can go over it forever and ever and not get bored plus it can be quite funny at times dont think its a kids game because i would rate it all audience

  3.  in space no one can hear you scream....


    Dead space is a chilling story based on a space station which all of the people who worked or did work were ravaged by the aliens called the necromophs brilliant guns suspense and everything.

  4.  batman returns to the world!!!!


    This batman is the best ever its got the joker(Heath Ledger) the scarecrow and harvey as the mr two face (later in the film) and batman (christian bale)theres loads of action in it and suspense and its one one of the longest films ever a suspense filled action packed film.

  5.  gears of AWESOME!!!!!


    Ive completed both of them on hardcore and they are the best games ever made i hope there will be a number 3.



    Ive completed halo1,2and 3 on legendary and this one blows your mind away xbox live is awesome on it so are the missions.

  7.  Dont wana say


    This is nothing like any wii game ive played theres a couple of bits hat are good but the rest well its not a game ud reccemend



    I got zelda in november 2007 and completed it in february but the best thing about it is the sidequests and dungeons theres bugs to cellect armour,weapons,bomb and arrow packs,heart peices its one of the best games ever created.

  9.  WICKED!!!


    It may not be a long game but theres loads of lightsaber hilts and objects to find but the best thing is the force powers force push sends them flying and choke and lightning do good to when it came ta abinger i couldnt wait to play it.

  10.  CRASH ROCKS!!


    Crash bandicoots games ave been best sellers for years and this one is the coolest of them all.