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  1.  MMO-Racing?


    A cool concept which indeed is fun to play. The fact that I have freedom to go anywhere besides stuck on a circuit is a real plus, and also you can focus on getting cars or properties on the huge island which you get to play on.

  2.  Left 4 Gaming


    Now I know the true meaning of the words from Counter-Strike "Stick together team!". Coop seems to be the keyword for this game; although you can play single player. The game seems pretty much the same as online. I liked a feature where you could 'take a break' - And with the SDK pack hopefully coming out, we should be seeing more maps being made for Left4Dead in the forever changing game of Left4Dead (by the Director Ai)

  3.  Wii remote gaming


    The game was meant for the Wii remote as a pointer while a numchuk lets you move around (On 2 player, the other player is more like a pointer than an actual player moving around). I liked the concept of the planets and although the camera angle can get annoying at times, this still reminds me of the previous Mario games I played in the past.

  4.  Board game


    You go around a board with squares of different properties. There isn't any certain chance that you might always hit a mini-game square so you can find yourself playing just on the board most of the time, which doesn't seem as fun compared to playing the mini-games which seem to make the game more interesting and fun to play.

  5. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

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     Waiting or playing?


    The gameplay isn't too bad and despite being a little repetitive in some places, which I guess doesn't really matter if your into that sort of thing. My biggest concern about the game was the loading time which takes too long for if your ingame character is only covering a short distance before having to do something that requires loading.

  6.  Well worth balancing for


    The wii balance board stops you sitting as the usual lazy game and actually makes you move! (Ingenius!) The wii fit game shows some of the coolest part of the balance board and I even find the daily 'body test' fun to try out. The score system allows me to compete against my other family members.

  7.  Worth buying


    So many mini-games which are all different. It seems so addictive to play and with funny moments like 'Sabotage' in multiplayer, I can't see why I didn't buy it before.

  8.  Worth playing


    The mini-games are great for 2 players (not to say that you can't have fun 1 player). I still find this a fun and addictive game.