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  1.  Really Good.


    I would like to warn people (gears fans) that this book doesn't tell anything about whats happening after the COG having defeated the locust. I'm not spoiling it at all if that's what your thinking.
    It's a straight-up prequel, you have some of the main characters from previous books, the ones that aren't in are referenced a couple of times though. The new characters are quite good. This book explains the reasons why Marcus was sent to jail, being left to rot and how it affected him. Also why Adam Fenix was alive. It's well written, I couldn't put it down. I only hope that this isn't the last book, if their not going to make another game (unless it's a prequel) then I'd like to read more about the aftermath of defeated the locust in the next book.
    All in all, characters aren't droll, good solid story and leaves wanting more at the finish.

  2.  Alright.


    It was a good read but what can I say?
    The characters evolved? only one did I felt.
    Not really much has changed, there was one or two things I sort of expected but was surprised none the less.
    Obviously it's just a continuation of the series but I feel these books are lacking, well, a lot. I know the main plot is Rome obliteration but c'mon, put a little more into the story. There was lack love, betrayal, anything to make the book stand out. I liked it but overall I give it three starts GENEROUSLY because of the character Julius Valerius, cos he in fact made the book a good read. Like it's predecessor, J.V. was the only reason a gave it a couple of extra stars in the review.
    Overall most the characters are mundane, there's a main plot but there is nothing else in between and it could be a lot better.

  3.  A 'meh' book.


    It was alright, I found some parts cheesy. It doesn't take long to read. The story is straight and to the point which I liked, but I found it lacking depth. Its good to read the once, but afterwards it will be there simply to collect dust.

  4.  Awesome


    Though my knowledge of metal is growing slowly I have quite a good ear for the quality of it.
    And this album is awesome, My personal favorites are 'take the day' and 'Varangian guard' and 'hunting pirates' was quite fun too. If you want metal that makes you want to pick up a spear and lead a charge this is definitely for you.

  5.  Good


    Good read, better than the previous book because the previous you had to read over three hundred pages before the actual story kicks in. I found the character Julius Valerius was really good, my favorite parts of the book were on him.
    It was a gripping story, had almost everything you could ask for in a book.

  6.  What a book.


    The prologue lead me to believe this book might not be all that its cracked up to be. But after the the first page on chapter one I immediatley knew this would be an excellent book. The characters keep you gripped aswell as the story. After the first book you think you get the story, however there are afew twists and turns. A brilliant read overall.

  7.  Good, but could've been alittle bit better.


    It was mostly good but in my opinion a couple of songs were slightly annoying. It is a good album but believe me when I say there are alot more better bands out there to listen to.

  8.  Not the worst in the series. But not one of the best either.


    When I first got this I was awestruck with the graphics and the fighting system improved and became more thrilling than FF12. However, I find that if you want to revive a series you don't have Leona Lewis as the main theme song. You also dont need that song being played literally just about every minute of the game. The dialogue was cheesy (extremely) as were some of the characters. In fact all of the characters in my opinion aren't really worthy of the FF hall of fame for characters. Lightning was ok bet lets face it - since 7 all they've tried to do is make a character LIKE Cloud (Heres an idea why dont you make a game OF cloud?) The game was quite slow and rather easy in the main. I was generous giving it three stars mainly for the graphics. But in my opinion there has been better, if your not an avid or just simply a fan of the FF series, then this game to start off is definitely not for you.

  9.  Far better than relapse


    This is a superb album. the lyrics are good but the beats are fantastic. I can tell he put alot of effort into this album than relapse and I'm more than sure you all would agree with me if you got the album.

  10.  Brilliant from beggining to end.


    I don't mind subtitles at all. They make the film better in fact, becuase theirs no need in cheesy-voiced dubbing for it would spoil the film entirely. The story line is great and the kung fu outstanding, it actually made me want to learn Wing Chun lol. characters are good and the villians excellent. good movie overall.