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  1.  5 stars? Really?


    I'm confused as to how people believe this is a 5 star movie, unless the episodes of the Simpsons those people like the best are the ones where Homer gets "assaulted" by a panda. To me, the film only highlighted the problems that this show has had for the better part of a decade. What was the point of Lisa? What was the point of the pig, apart from a shallow plot device? Remember when the Simpsons had a surreal look on everyday stories? Yeah, not any more. Springfield is in a dome! What biting political satire! Even Itchy and Scratchy failed to be funny because it went on too long. Were this a stand-alone movie, or even a family guy movie, i may have liked it. But it wasn't, it was the Simpsons, which used to be the best show on television. Now its the wacky adventures of mean spirited selfish idiot Homer and his wacky pals. Do yourself a favour and watch the series 3-8 golden age of the Simpsons before you go declaring this the best film ever, because it is an embarrassment compared to those excellent episodes.

  2.  Capital read:How Amazing!


    Really, Really good is the best way to describe the book, i suppose. Young and old will love it! Don't wait for the paperback! I'm telling you, its something you need now! Excellent! Super!

  3.  Mixed Bag


    I really wanted to give this 4 stars, or even 5 stars because whenever BSG hits, it hits hard and it hits well. Whenever it misses, though, it is terrible. The sad fact is that post-New Caprica and pre-trial, the show never gets out of third gear is and is pretty hard to watch at times. It finally gets its act together towards the end of the season, at least

  4.  Fantastic debut


    In many ways, Bloc party are victims of their own success. Their recent album, A Weekend in the City, was greeted with open yawns by many, and it's not that its a bad record, it's just that Silent Alarm is so bleeding brilliant. Helicopter (about either George Bush or America as a whole), Like Eating Glass and Banquet are personal favourites, although there is plenty more to reccommend. A textbook example of how good indie can be.

  5.  Beloved Aunt


    Often painful, always sublime, Larry David shows us that the best stuff from Seinfeld didnt come from Jerry. Watching a man make an ass of himself has rarely been as funny as this.

  6.  Side-Splitting


    The Second Season of Arrested Development is probably the best of the three- the character arcs are brilliant, such as Buster's disastrous stint in 'Army', Tobias' Mrs Doubtfire-esqe turn and George Senoir deciding that perhaps an attic is what he seeks. This season also gives us Franklin, GOB's puppet with a street attitude. Anyone who fails to laugh during their duet in the season finale has no sense of humour. Arrested Development Season 2? COME ON, you know you want !

  7.  A benchmark for the Genre


    The Foundation series is untouched in the Science Fiction Genre. The epic, millenium- spanning story of the rise of an empire makes for compelling reading.

  8.  Great Album


    A really good album, those who like their indie rock won't be disappointed here. Standouts on the album are Mexican Standoff, a song about meeting your girlfriend's ex (lyrics include "Your sweet reassurances don't change the fact that he's better looking than me, yet he'd look ideal beneath the wheels of a car"), and Leaders of the Free World, the heaviest song on the album.
    If you like your music with a bit of heart and wit, this is for you.

  9.  A Worthy Follow-up


    65's third album isn't quite as good as their second, but is still an excellent album. A lot of the sound is similar to their previous stuff, but this isn't a bad thing, as 65 are the best at what they do. A rollercoaster ride, lurching from quiet melancholy to dizzying ecstasy, the album never lets up on quality, but perhaps could have done with a stronger finish.

  10.  The Simpsons comes of age


    The first truly great season of the finest show on television. Season 4 is a relentless torrent of classic episodes- Homer The Heretic, Mr. Plow, Itchy and Scratchy the Movie, Duffless and Whacking Day are all here. Also included is Last Exit To Springfield- perhaps the best episode ever. All in all, this is highly recommended viewing.