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  1.  10/10 Its just Call of Duty


    For me it is one of the best experiences you will get from a fps shooter, no matter what people say they will always compare it to the other call of duty's but believe me this is one of the best so far if not it is.

    its just call of duty if you like any of the other call of duty's no matter what you will love this one I know the price can be a little of putting but it is such a good game it is an absoulte essitial for every gamer to get.

    Graphics 10/10
    Characters and voice acting: One of the best I have ever seen
    Story 10/10
    Gamplay 10/10

    Basically ever gamer needs this game in their collection

  2.  Just buy it!!!!


    truly amazing game, i was waiting ages for this game and finally i am happy the wait paid off it is so different there is not a game like this game it feels completely new and unique lots of people are comparing it with gta iv forget comparing it is a completely different game which i see has many advantages over gta iv the only let down for me is that you cannot swim come on that should be sorted however it still doesn't keep me from giving this game stars i dont have much to say because the reviews before me are spot on

  3.  I can finally say there is a better phone than the iphone


    This phones has everything

    Great applications
    The best processor great for multitasking
    Beautiful screen
    A great camera

    and also is much cheaper than the iPhone there are a lot of good phones on the market but this is the best on the market at this moment.

    the only dissapointment for me is that it hasn't got multi touch and isn't running on the latest android operating system but its no big deal however there is rumors that the update is going to have multi touch????????

    every 2 months a new device comes out but i think this will be n the competition for quite a while :)

  4.  10/10 must buy for xbox 360


    from playing the first gears of war which was amazing i had a lot of expectation for the second gears of war but happy to say i wasn't disappointed this is for me the strongest exclusive game series out for the Xbox 360 at the moment with Halo and mass effect.

    10 pound is a bargain for this game its worth much much more don't hesitate just buy it you won't be disappointed.

  5.  Great but over rated


    i heard many good reviews about this game, but i didn't really impress me as some other games have done, i still is worth the money and is a great game but i have seen better i.e gears of war, killzone 2, uncharted 2 and call of duty 4, 5 and 6

    but for its age it is still good i think that halo reach will be a mega hit because of how fps have progressed since Halo 3.

    conclusion is that it is worth the money and is a good buy and you wont be disappointed but neither amazed.

  6.  10/10 one of the biggest landmark for the xbox 360


    this game is excellent, i believe it is one of the best games for xbox 360 every should play or get this game, it well worth the price i would pay much more for this game.

    graphics are incredible story is interesting characters are brilliant and game play is perfect.

  7. MAG



    4 New from  £7.03  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.28

     much better than i thought a must get for ps3


    just buy it, i thought long and hard before buying it but it is truly amazing it very different from any fps out there, its unique.


  8.  Avp is worth the money looking at everything you get.......


    I think rebellion have had a good start kicking of the franchise on next gen consoles
    all they need to do with this game is a little bit more improvement yes which can be done through dlc (downloadable content) and updates
    I am giving it five stars because i recommend buying it and i believe it is worth it it should not be compared to other games because I dont see any other game giving you a chance to be 3 different species with a lot of different abilities.

    Predator Gameplay 10/10 perfect no problems

    Human Gameplay 9/10 no zooming in only can zoom in on sniper

    Alien Gamplay 9/10 really fun but they need to make it easier crawling onto walls

    overall Gameplay 9.5/10

    Graphics 9/10 few minors dissapointment like flames and explosion effects

    character details 10/10
    predators body could slitly be improved, its hands and face is spot on but i feel the body and legs are letting it down a bit if you look closely.

    alien is spot on and human is spot on

    voice acting 8/10

    voice acting is good,
    some voices need to be more powerful and sound more though for example soldiers but Wayland voice is spot on.

    sound effects 10/10
    its how it should be, the only thing they can improve on this is making the humans scream more louder when getting killed, and also make some soldiers scream when shooting animals it will give it a better effect.

    interior visuals 10/10
    scary, dark and look good

    exterior visuals 8.5/10
    mountains in the distance needs to be improved it makes the game look bad so distance viewing should be improved.

    water visuals 9/10
    puddles look amazing just perfect, and other water effect are spot on but the only thing which is dissapointing it is there is no effect when going under running water and when looking up at running water it looks kind of bad.

    lighting 10/10
    flares, lights all look great they have got it spot on.

    story 9/10
    all three campaigns start of great i think very good surprisingly alien had one of the best for me amazing.

    however the story does seem to lack in some places but truly enjoyable, basically if you like the franchise you will like it.

    Multiplayer 10/10
    perfect nothing needs to be changed.

    Multiplayer maps 10/10
    perfect who wouldn't like fighting in a pyramid which is moving nearly every few seconds.

    survivor mode 10/10
    reminds me off zombies on call of duty world at war but it is very fun and challenging.

    overall 9/10

    lot of people say multiplayer is no fair some species seem more powerful than others this is all wrong
    it is fair and brilliantly done, all three species have different strengths and weaknesses you can win by being any of them.

    improvements needed:

    1) Better explosion and flame effects

    2) They could be more weapons for humans for example grenades, knife like the one in the predator movie and the predators invisible choke wire the one he uses in avp movie it would be great setting these traps on high ground like tree branches and then distracting guards to them imagine it cause i can.

    3) Add few more sound effects like humans screaming.

    4) Improve predator body slightly

    5) Add water effects when gong under running water

    6) improve aliens movement there shouldn't be a separate button for the alien to move onto walls it makes it more complicated and you should be able to just climb between walls with ease.

    7) predators jumping abilities and control should be improved focus jump is not balanced because some times you can jump far and sometimes you want be able too.
    the normal jump (x button) needs to be improved he needs to be able to jump over small metal fences.

    8) humans should zoom and shoot.

    hope this review helps.

  9.  Unique game experience


    this is proberly the most unique game on the market, it is very different but really enjoyable

    after playing the demo I thought it was brilliant and every ps3 owner should buy this, and any gamer should play it.

    graphics 10/10
    overall I think this game is going to be 10/10

  10.  9/10


    Really entertaining graphics are wicked, this is a really fun game defiantly one of the best exclusives for the ps3 the xbox 360 are missing out on this one.

    if you got a ps3 go get it.