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  1.  What a game !!!!


    Batman is great, even if you are not a batman fan it is a must buy and a must play, collector's edition isn't worth getting really unless you can get it cheap.

    Dr young book and the comic is poberly the best thing you get in the collectors edition.

  2.  Pure entertainment would have been perfect.


    I love cricket and this game but the players do not look real they all look smiler and it is disappointing, they should also get licences for all teams so that they have the proper kits and names other than that the gamplay is spot on.

    I hope someone like EA sports develop a cricket game to compete with ashes 2009.

  3.  GT 5 will be 5 stars


    it is poberly the best and most realistic car game ever made so far.

    there are round about 60 cars which is good but there is only 6 or 7 tracks which i find disappointing, but the full game will have over 950 cars and over 20 different tracks and it will also include damage.

    the conclusion is that it is worth the money and it will help make you decide if you want the full game, i believe every one who plays will be amazed.

  4.  One of the best FPS ever made


    This is without doubt one of the best games ever made or the game which has had the biggest impact on fps shooters.

    The story is brilliant the missions are fantastic game play and multi player is perfect, graphics are amazing.

    do not have any doubts on shall i get this just buy it the reviews speak for it self it is the highest rated game on play.com.

    if you have this you should also defiantly get:
    call of duty modern warfare 2
    killzone 2
    Uncharted 2

  5.  one of the greatest games ever made


    just get it 10/10 nothing to lose.

    the story is great and the way it is all put together is just amazing, the great thing about this game is that you don't need to play any of the previous ones to understand what is going on.

    it is great and ps3 are very lucky to have this as a exclusive this is one of the ps3 landmarks and also other exclusives such as infamous, uncharted, killzone 2 and alot more cooming soon

  6.  Underated by alot of people but for me 10/10


    This is 10/10 by any standard
    this is a great first person shooter properly the best it is even better than modern warfare 2, lot of people dislike it because it is hard well it is because the game is very realistic.

    anyone with a ps3 should get this straight away believe me.

  7.  Blew me away


    this was not what i expected it is a great game so much fun and graphics are great and the amount of freedom the game gives you makes you feel like the ultimate hero or villain

  8.  Amazing 10/10


    I really liked the first one but it was repetitive, but assassins creed 2 is just next level ubisoft have improved everything it is such an entertaining game if you like this you must get infamous and batman arkham asylum because they are must buys and obviously Uncharted 2

  9.  A***


    Great game highly improved graphics from all previous call of duty 's and it is much more difficult but it is a must buy

  10.  A Must buy


    i love this game, if you are a batman fan you will not be disappointed cant wait for the second one seen the trailer looks good.