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  1.  Meh, not good not bad. Worth the rent, only a rent.


    Well, i have played Halo 3 and this just does not feel as though it is in any way lined to Master Chiefs adventures. The story is not only very short, it is also very boring. *SPOILER ALERT* Look for fellow ODST, find the clue, play through next section of searching, then fly out in a Phantom. Dull. The open world style and finding the audio clips gives the game a good edge but does not detract from the short stroy. The graphics are below the current gen but the game engine it runs on is a few years old so could be forgiven, but i felt dissapointed by them still. With the additional DLC disk, it feels asif loyal downloaders of it originally have been given a kick in the teeth. Offering it for free when people have been snapping it up off XBL. This game is a good little time filler between your bigger and better games but dont be expecting anything startling here; under par short story and some dodgy graphics let this hyped game down.

  2.  Great little phone


    Bought this phone as a replacement for my 5800 when it broke, and i must say its a cracking little phone. For under 100 quid its light without comprimising the quality and the qwerty keypad works well and matches the blackberrys styling and capability. Menu navigation is a doddle and everything looks nice and clear on screen with plenty of customisation to be had. Alll in all i would strongly recommend this phone if you have smaller fingers to cope with the keypad and cant afford a blackberry although i do not know about its online capabilities. There are links for Facebook etc in the menu so it can be used for online socialising too.

  3.  Fallout 3's biggest little brother


    Of course its immediately obvoius that this game is very similar to fallout 3. But surely this is no bad thing. Do most of us not love both Rock Band and Guitar Hero with both being very similar? Exactly. The developers said this was not cell shaded and it really isnt despite popular misconception. All of this has been drawn from the bottom up and looks superb. There's a great colour pallette on offer too and not just dull browns or greys. One of the key selling points here is obviously the array of guns that can be utilised which is ture, there are loads on offer. Gaining xp also works well with more gained with a head shot unlike fallout. Driving is good but the old 'halo' style driving mechanic is emplolyed which could be better wtih proper driving controls. As far as the story goes there isnt one apart from trying to get to 'The Vault' (imaginately named with assistance from fallout) which may contain alien technology (fallout...again) and you trawl through the wastes (yep you guessed it). Theres many enemies too but somewhat too many skaggs as they are everywhere but psycho raiders (hmmm fallout im thinking) are the main ones. But nobody can resist the joy that can be found in killing the psycho midgets that run around and prove ample target practice. All in all it is addictive fun with a variety of guns, great alternative graphicsa nd plenty of missions to complete which will take you hours. However, the comparisons of fallout cannot be ignored but dont let this put you off as its a cracking game in its own right: 8 1/2 out of 10.

  4.  Before you slate this game and rate it badly....


    The handling on this game was botched by EA before release date, therefore the handling is not the standard that it was supposed to be. Therefore the settings must be altered in order to compensate for this in the options menu then gameplay and settings. These are the settings that i use:

    Steering deadzone 30%
    Acceleration/brake deadzone 2%
    Steering sensitivity 0% (yes this does work but can be altered to your taste)
    Acceleration/brake sensitivity 45%
    Speed steering sensitivity 100%.

    I know this shouldnt have to be done on a retail game but it does in this case so minus one star for me. Also, no matter how much tweaking you do on this; the drifting in this game is still appaling and broken in every aspect. However, these little bugs out of the way, the rest of the game is brilliant. The graphics are brilliant and the cars look fantastic as do the tracks and the environment. As expected from a NFS title, theres plenty of custominsation to be done on the cars. The game overall is very solid with great sound from the cars and plenty of tracks to race round. Hopefully EA will fix the controls and the drifting races with a patch soon, when this is done then the game will recieve 5 stars from me.

  5.  Great piece of kit, great sound and quick setup


    This is very good value for money, very good sound quality and easy setup. They look fantastic on either side of my tv with my ps3 and make gaming so much better, you can hear which direction the bullets are coming from!! I must say though these shine best when listening to Blu-ray films and gives you the proper movie experience in your home. One little thing i have with this is that the remote intereferes with my TV's settings. Although this may be only mine or maybe all Samsung Tv's. Although this does not drag down the rating as it is such a minor flaw, that it does not affect the real reason these are made; the amazing sound quality!!!!!!!!!

  6.  One of the best the PS3 has to offer


    This game is fantastic! This is more or less gaming perfection at its best. The graphics are amazing, the music score is perfect and suits the game very well. The cover system works very well and there are plenty of gun fights and set pieces to be experienced here. The game can be very puzzling (as well as frustrating at times) which means there is plenty of time to be poured into this game, well worth the money paid for this. What ever the price!

  7.  Great game with amazing graphics


    First of all let me say the graphics on this game are the best i have ever seen, they are truly spectacular! The single player campaign holds many hours of play and replay value with intel to be found and plenty of trophies to be earned. The multiplayer is good and holds its own amongst the other good online games (COD 4 etc) the graphics are also great online. All in all, a fantastic solo experience with plenty of online mischief and fun to be had. Definatley one of the best the PS3 has to offer

  8.  WOW what a let down


    This game should have been brilliant considering its huge success in the past and the nostalgia it has. The graphics are ok, nothing great but better than average. The gameplay is veerrryy repetitive and going through the midtown section holds no interest what so ever. Every time you do so, nazis willm be round the same corner, doing the exact same thing and then shoot you in a very un-AI way. I dont even feel inclined to discuss the online play, its blighted by so much lag that it is unplayable and the graphics for online are rubbish. All in all only buy if you want the nostalgic value this brand carries but if you are new to the series i would save your money and buy some of the far superior games that are upcoming in the next few weeks/months.

  9.  Great bit of kit


    This controller is fabulous and has some cracking features. Due to the bluetooth connectivity, it has a great range on it. I have managed to use it from one side of the house to another, huge compared to that of my xbox!! The sixaxis is also included well into some games suge as little big planet, only thing is because of this is the high price for the damn thing. All in all thoug it is worth every penny.

  10. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.75

     Plenty of longevity to be found here


    This game has a VERY long life to it. Ive already poured 4/5 hours into it and am still exploring the first sector of the game and seeking hidden items and completing side missions, of and just tooling around free-roaming, killing the reapers and healing the injured pedestrians. The graphics are great, although the lip-synching for speech is a bit off but that is a minor flaw. The gameplay is good with a vast amount of moves to be beefed up and mastered with plenty of space and depth available. Overall a good game and worth adding to your collection.