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  1.  i want to love it.


    i am an avid FF fan like most here, and like everyone i got this the day it came out. i have tried, i want to like it. but i can't help feel that square enix has just raped the final fantasy brand.

    it seems to me that, while trying to broaden their consumers overseas, they picked up on the wrong role models. Michale Bay shouldn't be someone to try to imitate; flashy visuals and tons of actions don't cover up the flaws for long, and their are many of them.

    my biggest beef is the characters, its hard to want to play a game where dying actually seems the most satisfying option, when every cut scene you wish one of them would just commit suicide already before you have to. after having to come to terms with the fact they are not going to off themselves, the painfully horrid battle system works it's charm. now this could almost be considered quite good, until you realize that your not actually needed, like as an afterthought they realized it was a game and allowed you to control a single player, whom can to attack or command the Ai to all attack together, heal or play rock paper scissors. the customization is something else to be desired, because being able to change weapons and perks(abilities) may distract you from running down the never ending corridor. the most important aspect i find when playing a rpg like this is story. now to say this didn't grip me to begin with might be a lie. but after the introduction i know very little about a world in turmoil, im cool with that, knowing more is what i want now. possibly it was everything else about the game draining the life from me, but i lost track of the story and never felt inspired by it. it seems ff has lost alot of charm, story and a vast interesting world to explore. i may not have made it too chapter 11, but i have tried several times. no game should make you play for 20 hours of hell before treating you to what is probably worse than previous titles, prancing about as the good section only because stepping in poo is better then having it thrown in your face.

    some reasons for poor outputs from the company could be the length of time for game development and the huge weight of expectation. where each game is built from the ground up. not that i want copying but some things could stay similar, for instance leveling, battling, etc. shame things had to end this way.

  2.  Amazing Overall


    The Third Gears Is Amazing - lets get that out of the way first. There are still some slight things that still let it down though. The campaign takes a bit from bulletstorm in the way it tells the story, it is good and has some emotional moments. but it lacks danger alot of the time, i don't feel scared or rushed because the cinematics take front seat. the ending is acceptable but the boss battle seemed fairly bland.

    removing this i love the game. the online is really well balanced, fun and competitive and all the other modes are really fun. the graphics are bright and crisp and the controls almost perfect, with a few slight adjustments if you played the first two installments.

  3.  At this price you'd be daft not too.


    one of the best games i've played on xbox. just completed it earlier and still reveling in how good it was. it had a great story, great gameplay (mixed it up well) worst thing about the game would be the variation in enemies. one of the few games i wouldn't mind paying full price for.

  4.  good effort


    This game plays more like kingdom heart then a normal rpg turn based system, which i think works well for the game. the storyline is quite compelling even if the dialog is annoying and the voices frustrating but if you can put up with that then the game start to play really well. but although it has lots going for it with the large battles, large maps, quests etc. there are serveral other areas where its flawed. 1. the map can become so frustrating having to run around the edges of the whole map to find a way out. 2. the game doesnt pause when you go into the menu (but this is not too bad when you get used to it).
    and lastly i found that there was enough going on that they add in a feature about half way through which makes different points in the game very tedious where your own comrades decided to start killing you if you dont control them every 5 seconds. i think the game could have been a 4 or 5 star with minor changes but i think its still worth playing.

  5.  Standard


    Its a nice sleek phone with a preety good battery life. I find that everything is quite jumbled, im not sure if this is because i used a sony before and the interface was very well polished and easy to use. But for a average phone on the market i think this one stands up and works. But for anyone who wants a phone to be able to do lots of things and still be simple i don't think you'll want this.

  6.  Lame Lame Lame


    When i went to see this film, i was in high spirit of another amazing comedy having seen pineapple express the night before, but from the start i wasnt sure what to make of it, started slow and it began to build with a kind of three amigos-esque like story but then the characters conflict and personal interests were boring, and didn't create any comedic moments. To give it a small amount of credit there were about 3 laugh of loud moments including tom cruise's verbal attack over the phone. Overall i might have been expecting too much from this film, but it really isn't very funny. I would have been royally angered if i had to pay to see this film.