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  1.  Best mug i ever bought!


    This mug is the best mug i have ever put my money to. It changes pattern when hot liquid is poured into it and i have had no problems with peeling or the pattern being upside down. This is a mug that i suggest people should buy if they are a resident evil fan!

  2.  Good For Your Money


    Great quality poster and is bigger than the normal size posters. It looks amazing in my room!

  3.  Good For Money!


    This poster is good quality for the price and is bigger than a normal size poster which was even better.

  4.  Best Help Ever.


    Brilliant guide to fully explain every little detail. Pictures are perfect and really capture the atmosphere of the objective etc. Im lucky and glad that i pre ordered this guide and got it for £13 because i just checked prices on a lot of websites boy has the value gone up.

  5.  No longer Lost in the Wasteland!


    The only other game guide i bought was Oblivion GOTY edition which was made by the same creators. I thought it was good and bought fallout 3 guide and it is as good or better than the oblivion one! With 425 pages of information, this guide is truely worth it's price and i recommend buying it!

  6.  Very good


    This is quite a good game and i used to play it all the time online. WARNING:sadly online is not avaliable anymore so it is just like all the other zombie shooters with nothing special and can get lonely.

  7.  Good Buy


    Me having already pre ordered this have played the demo, it was fantastic. The only thing i have a problem with is not being able to move while aiming gun and knife but hey they going back to the old style which i like.

    The main thing i have a problem with is why capcom stopped making zombie games, resident evil was one of the only zombie games but on resident evil 4 also they were not zombies but some obsessed cannibals that are evil. I would prefer if they went back to the zombies again.

    Still a great buy, though i wouldnt buy it over killzone 2 but i pre ordered both games anyway!

  8.  Great sound


    Very comfortable and great sound coming through, well worth the money!



    This is probally the best type of game i have ever played, not being that keen on platformers i still bought this game. It looked childish at first but when you play it my opinion changed. There is no wonder why this game was one of the overall games of the year! I was told that the price for this game was reduced from £40 to £17.99 due to good sales and that the game sold a whole lot more than sony had planned. A definate must buy!

  10.  Very Useful


    For me these extra USB's come in good use, i have 4 usb's on my ps3 but for people with the 80 gig and newer model Playstation 3's this will make life a whole lot easier. It comes with a usb lead which then has the same end to plug in as it would on a normal ps3 pad. The wire is long enough to reach round the back of your playstation but i think it looks good on show. A MUST BUY if you need extra USB's.