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  1.  Original


    I bought this game under the influence of my girlfriend .. she was under the delusion that playing as a customizable sackperson would be entertaining ... maybe i should let her choose the games i buy from now on cause this game is very entertainning and the most original game the ever embrace the gaming society its good enough as a stand alone game but to reveil its true potential you really do need to have online access. It also contains a hell of a lot of Downloadable Content at a cheap price which just keeps piling on the fun. Thank you to my Girl Friend for making me buy this. overall 8/10

  2.  A Good Game ... But only on the first play through


    At first i was skeptical at the new direction they were taking the Resident Evil series and i still wished for some mindless flesh eating zombies but this is still a fairly good game lots to it, not too difficult and plenty of unlockables. However this game lacks the
    Re-play value of most games these days its fun to play with the online co-op especially with one of your mates but thats were the good points end if you play this game by yourself the AI of your partner (Sheva) is just terrible and you often find yourself running back because she has be caught and the other times you find that Sheva is actually shooting you in the back the majority of the times. overall a good game the graphics and Co-op are probably the things that save it from total failure (i'll not even bother getting into the control system - those who've played it will know what im on about) personally id give it a 7/10 worth a look but not a keeper for my collection.

  3.  WOW!! .. But...


    This is possibly one of the most advanced pieces of gaming across all of the Next Gen consoles the graphics are mind blowing and the Story is excellent and the enemies AI will kept you moving all the time. the online play is also excellent and even rivals that of the legendary COD. However the controls are nothing to scream about unless they are screams of frustration as were mine. the controls are without a doubt the only thing that put a dent on this perfect game and with the controls of COD (the best a FPS can get) they are second best by quite a long way. But overall possibly the best game till either COD modern warfare 2 or Killzone 3.

  4.  Great Roster, Great Graphics ... Rubbish Online


    The only reason this game didnt get a five stars from me was because the online play is just awful it seems the only thing the people who play this game online are capable of doing are using strikes and strikes only which just drained the fun out of for me. On the other hand the Graphics, Gameplay, and finally (which is rare in a wrestling game) Roster are all brilliant there are a few legends who are missing but its no big deal. The new fighting system will take time to get used to but in the end its worth it possibly the best wrestling game THQ have offered ever ... just a shame that people dont change their strategy when playing online.

  5.  Not the greatest game, but playable


    i rated this game as a three star average because although there are a few glitches it is still a decent game as said in the title dont expect an epic like Killzone 2 or Gears of War but i would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing RTS games .... no doubt this game would be better on the PC as is the case with most RTS games