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9 (33% helpful)

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  1.  Not Scary but who cares.


    Good Graphics, Frantic weapon reloads, relying on your team mates for safety and aid. Well designed, Well thought of. Maybe not the best Undead killing game but sure is the best Teambased Undead Killer

    5/5 For the Brains

  2.  Stalking my back shelf


    The worse game i have played in a long time. Good ideas just not well executed. 2/5 for the radiation.

  3.  Not good as it could be


    This games reviews gave me high hopes for what turned out to be nothing more than a trigger happy steriod fueled FPS. Plot is not amazing, No feeling for the characters in the game and for a game that was given this amount of hype it should and could be better.
    Singleplayer out of the way what about the multiplayer? Useless, every server has at least one hacker for you to contend with.

    All round failure, One redeeming factor is the graphics however no computer in general circulation can play that game on high graphics.

    Scores a 3/5 for the nanosuit alone.

  4.  5/5


    Being a full time gamer who also plays for money this game is the crémé ontop of a very nice cake that is FPS. Multiplayer is solid gold and keeps you entertained. I believe the singleplayer is the best yet! And well worth it!

    Disappointments? NoN. Lets hope the next call of duty is the same standard. (Sadly it was not)

  5.  Not 1, UO, 4 or a 5th


    In my opinion this game fails in many ways. The game is back to the world war 2 roots very good but the game style is too different from cod4 in my opinion. Mapping is decent, Single player is good but nothing special. Same goes for multiplayer. Co-op Earns this game the 2 extra stars. Very good, Death Cards redefine each level depending on the card(s). Zombie Survival is better in other games out there however it does premote teamwork and is a good laugh


  6.  They Bring you back in


    After playing for a while. Not being a hardcore wow gamer i am in love. The best bit of this expansion is the Death Knight Starting area well done to blizzard. However having to go back to outlands does feel a backward move but Northerend looks promising. Yes other games might give you this experience of seige engines but i believe Blizzard are the Kings of MMO's.

    I believe however more could be put into this to keep endgame players into the game.

    5/5 from Deathmoose Chamber of Aspects Eu

  7.  Review to statisfy buyers


    Good mouse. No Cramps or uncomfort. Mouse Wheel click bit stiff. Needs drivers for XP. Good for Gaming as i regually play as a gamer but going from an optical mouse to this is a little dangerous as you need to lift it slightly higher that an optical mouse to move it or you will aim sky high. That or you learn not to move the mouse much.

    One concern is a wobbling curser in windows XP when it first boots up. Problem not found if the mouse stays in one position for about 2 minutes then it is free to be moved. Any more information contact me