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  1.  WOW this dock really does boom!


    This dock delivers the best sound for the price.. No dock at this price can even rival the bass this delivers.
    It looks classy, with a black and chrome front panel and gloss black casing.
    The remote control is fully functional and controls everything you could need it to.
    I have a 250pound Hitachi Stereo system and this dock destroys it in terms of sound quality!
    However a few minor issues..
    No DAB and the fm radio seems to have poor reception compared with fm on my Hitachi in the same room.. even with the antenna connected.
    The LED display is bright, and cannot be dimmed down so is too bright for a bedroom, I have to cover mine up or switch the mains power off (luckily there's a handy switch at the back to do this)
    Also the power cord is really short, it's literally a metre long if that!

    BUT let me tell you, Having worked in a large department store on the audio section, no dock out there has sound quality like the boom dock for the same money.. The bass is amazing, but it delivers none bassy songs smoothly as well. The unit looks and feels solid and premium, even though the price tag isn't!
    An amazing unit, check the measurements before you purchase as the unit is surprisingly large!
    Would unreservedly recommend this to anyone who needs a dock that delivers all round decent sound quality across all volumes and can also bass boom at parties as well.
    5 stars, great product, you will not be disappointed...



    I purchased these speakers back in November 2009 and I am pleased to say that 2 years later they are still brilliiant.
    They work with all ipods, inc the iphone 3GS (pretty sure 4 but haven't tested this), there's even an aux in for connecting other devices. The battery still lasts for a good 5 hours, even after 2 years of every day use and about 100+ charges and discharges. The sound quality is very good, and does not change when on battery. The compact size is deceiving as these speakers are surprising loud and the bass is strong and holds well even at max volume, but it will not match a system with a sub, but then you can't take a sub to the beach or the pool can you?!
    These speakers have taken a battering, they have been dropped, trodden on, even dropped in a swimming pool in Spain and yet they still work perfectly. The remote control is really handy and the speakers come with a protective carry case into which the remote, AC adaptor/charger and the speaker all fits in very snug.
    All in all I am truly amazed by this product, when I purchased these I would never have thought they'd still be going in such a perfect way 2 years later. A definite 5* product.

  3.  Amazing!


    These speakers are well worth the money! they are loud and powerful and completely un-distorted when at full volume which I must add is impressively loud for such compact speakers. The touch screen works brilliantly with me however it would get annoying if it was something that you had to constantly change however if you just want to occasionally turn the volume up or down or switch them on or off then it is absolutely fine for this!
    To conclude.. 10/10 would definately recomend!

  4.  Amazing Memory Stick


    What a great little memory stick, its tiny, its weightless, has a large memory, its cheap and it looks amazing!
    I definately recomend this to everyone out there who is looking for a small Memory stick.
    It comes with 2 straps, one end links to a key ring or mobile phone and the other end links to the memory stick, it has a little metal connector in the middle so you can disconect it from the phone easily without having to un tie either end! what a great idea!
    Definately worth the money! Great Buy!