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  1.  Excellent


    A much improved console to the previous versio. It really is "whisper" quiet, the built in wi-fi is easy to set up and it looks much sleeker and generally nicer than the old one.

  2.  Great


    This is the first South Park DVD that i bought and i was very impressed with almost every epsiode some don't seem very good but when watched again you realise that they are good but just not as good as some of the other episodes in the series as there are about ten which are brilliant and the rest are just very good.

  3.  very gd product


    I got this nano to replace my 3rd gen one and all in all this one is great, the camera is better than what you get in most phones but not as good as proper cameras but still good fun to play with and it is useful for the screen to be that extra bit bigger which it is now.

    Buy this!!

  4.  great


    really funny episodes all of them can be watched again and again and you would still laugh.

  5.  wow


    perfect in every way the story is good and once u complete it there is still soo much other u cand do like side qwests and stuff and jhust running around in a town is fun

  6.  brilliant


    episodes are really funny, worth the money.
    only problem is that once u see these episodes lots of times they get a bit dull.

  7.  good fun


    when you first get the game its great fun to play and fairly easy to pick up. soon you complete the career twice over and play each song at least 5 times and it gets slightly boring to play. There is little else to do i would still recommend this game because it is definately fun but don't spend all your money on it or run head over heels to get it.

  8.  the best sporting game i have ever played


    i had nhl 08 and thought it was a good game but i wasn't sure on 09 so i got it cheap second hand and it was worth the full forty pounds i could have paid. Be a pro mode allows you to make your own charactor and play for your favourite team in the AHL and work your way up until youre in the NHL playing for your teams first team.
    I currently play for the boston bruins amateur team in the AHL and i am gradually moving the team and i am in the second line of offense because i am quite bad but if you do well you will soon move up quickly.
    Overall this a great game even if you know nothing about ice hockey like me it is still great fun.
    Get this Game.

  9.  amazing


    brilliant gamplay and graphics however multiplayer is nothing special and if your looking for a game where you just charge in guns blazing this is not it it is tactical but still great.

  10.  a great piece of kit


    Great quality sound easy to set up works with xbox 360 though extra cable is needed great value for money buy it!!