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  1.  ...and what was the point in that?


    Settled down on a Saturday night to watch this. what a waste of time. I am usually one for dark comedy but this was poor. The story flits around but actually goes nowhere... This is all I will write about
    This as I can't be bothered.... Much like the film makers I guess....

  2.  If Carlsberg made Movies... It would NOT be this!!


    I bought this to watch while on holiday when the weather took a turn for the worse... Lets just say, I'd rather of stood outside in the thunder and lighting that sit through this abortion again!

    I bought it as I thought that it had a fairly decent cast.. However, even they cannot polish this turd into a watchable experience! THe story is poor, the acting is naff and the action is laughable! The film also dragged for the last 2hours and 1 minute which didn't help!

    The only redeeming feature that I can think of is that you could use the disc as a beer mat?

    Statham needs to stick to his cockney films where he is actually good to watch!! This DVD is a bit of an embarrassment in my collection!! buy at your peril!

  3.  Very impressed following mixed reviews from friends


    I approached this film with a small sense of trepidation as a lot of my friends had said it was poor. I can understand their point if they suffer from motion sickness as the camera work could be off putting...

    However, the above drew me to the film and had me riveted the whole way through. From the clever special FX and immense feeling of dread/realism to the occasion I thoroughly enjoyed the theme park ride style to the film!

    The story is quite good too which surprised me, probably again for listening to friends.

    Overall, I would definitely give this a go! Especially for this price!!

  4.  The best game of this generation


    One thing that I look for in a game is longevity! This has it by the bucket/town/dungeon load! There is so much to do and see and with a decent TV I felt myself sat back in awe at the scenery as I slowly walk around the country side.

    The good point can also be the bad point in a way as I have found myself trying to do one mission/quest and being dragged into another (not the fault of the game it has to be said) but there is so much to do it is like opening up someone elses toy box!

    I have put in a mere 30 hours into the game and have barely scratched the surface. However, I can see myself playing for at least that again.... (I will get the cure for vampirism soon!)

    Overall, this game is fantastic and well worth the pennies!

  5.  Personally think audioslave is better than rage or s-garden!


    This album is one of the best I have ever bought. It contains the best parts of rage (the band) and the best parts of sound garden (chris cornell).

    the vocals marry up to the music perfectly with some blistering classics from the fret work of tom morello!

    Each track is a classic and for this price is a bargain!

  6.  Some great tunes and great riffs!


    This is a great album which contains probably one of the best guitarists to emerge from the 90's. Some of the riffs are explosive and the work between the base the drums and the guitar is great. Awesome stuff to put on in the car with the windows down and the system up!!

  7.  The best iron maiden album ever!


    This album is amazing! I first listened to it on a tape that i "borrowed" from my brothers collection. I put it on my walkman and didn't stop listening for days!

    My favourate track is infinite dreams which has the classic Iron maiden epic style to it. The lowest point (even though not that low) is can i play with madness.

  8.  My second fav Megadeth album


    I think this is megadeths second best album. Some of the tracks are epic in the orchestration and others are just plain fun!

    "Countdown to extinction" is a wonderfully mastered song that has a great tune played on harmonised guitars behind the chorus. This is the highest point of the album for me!

    Ashes in your mouth is a nice thrashy number to top off the album which is a great place to begin if you have not heard megadeth before

    The downside to any megadeth album is that dave mustaines voice can grate a little after a while and sometimes find myself skipping to the next guitar riff or solo

  9.  Fantastic album but I would go for Master of puppets instead


    This is a rush for the mear 30 minutes it lasts for and some of the tracks are slayers finest. Reign in blood is always a good driving track and Jesus saves has a funky intro.

    Some of the tracks however sound the same as each other and once the intro riff (mandatory suicide) has been played it is time to skip.

    That said, I would recommend this to any heavy metal fan!

  10.  Great album with great groove, just not quite 1986 :(


    This is a great album which has some great ideas! The songs are alot simpler and slowing them down makes certain tracks feel heavier. A fine example of this is sad but true. The main riff could make your head crumble if you get too close to the speakers!

    Another high point for me is the peaceful and beautiful song "nothing else matters". This song has a great intro with a classic guitar feel to it. Again simple but effective.

    The down side and hence 4 star rating is that some of the tracks are a bit boring for me. Examples of this are don't tread on me and through the never. They are good tunes but not quite the Metallica that I like!