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  1.  Stunning remake.


    When a remake of The Evil Dead was announced fans moaned as another well known horror movie was to be redone.
    But as someone who has never seen the original or its follow ups I decided to watch this then maybe watch the old ones in the future.
    I'm so glad I did watch this reboot as to me its one of the finest and surprising horror movies in years and maybe ever.
    As someone who was a bit sick and tired of some of the horror films coming out lately weather it be constant found footage stuff or straight to dvd rubbish it was so wonderful to see a horror movie that was different and was the first one in maybe about 4 maybe 5 years that I gave a full 5 stars to and that is something considering not mant horror films I have ever seen gets that rating.
    The film itself starts off slow but turns into a gore filled,scary,action packed thrill ride but be warned is not for the faint hearted and certainly not for your granny or even mum.
    The actors also for a change are excellent which has been another problem of horror movies lately as most are so wooden you could buy them all in Ikea and build them as a wardrobe,yes they are that bad some of them but the stars In this are brill especially the lady who plays Mia(Jane Levy) who is simply stunning as both good and bad and should without doubt be a huge star after this.
    As for comparing it to the old films I wouldn't know but this is that great that its up there with a couple of Paranormal Activity films,the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Omen in terms of classics but not quite as good as The Blair Witch Project,28 Days Later,The Exorcist,Dawn Of The Dead or my all time favourite horror The Shining but all in all a highly surprising little horror cracker and so nice to finally see a horror movie that is different and one I can at last say is a five star masterpiece and yes don't listen to others on here who say it isn't any good because believe me when I say something ain't good i'll say it and this isn't great its STUNNING and BRILLIANT.

  2.  Dreadful sitcom.


    In my opinion the very worst sitcom put on television and that's all I can say really.

  3.  Fantastic.


    Wow what a superb read and the best opening chapter to any book I have read.
    I really hope Hollywood or even British cinema read this as it would make a awesome and scary film.
    Cracking story.

  4.  Perfection.


    Quite simply the best British film ever and even better than Get Carter,Italian Job and Shaun Of The Dead.
    Watched it over and over and gets better and scarier every time.
    Will never be beaten for me.

  5.  Dreadful.


    Tepid load of tripe and makes 2 and 3 look amazing and they are not.
    The annoying thing is that the 1st movie is a really good horror film and just doesn't deserve the follow ups it got especially this wooden,badly acted,boring bunch of drivel.
    I could act better than them and the plot is predictable and know exactly how it unfolds.
    Time to leave this now tired franchise alone.
    Worst horror I have seen in ages.

  6.  Weird just weird.


    This is a very clever but all in all extremely odd 2 hours of cinema.
    Some of the shorts are very good,good,odd,sick and terrible but the most part falls between odd and terrible.
    The first four were very good but went down hill after that and only a couple towards the end impressed me.Some were very wrong and really pushed things for me while some others were so bad I skipped them all together.
    If they make a sequel less sick and terrible and more like the first four which were very clever and scary and also like a few others which were very funny but not enough to watch this again,a one off weird ride.

  7.  Awesome as hell.


    Not quite as good as Blade 1 but not many films are,this sequel ups the gore and action and ups the nasty vampires,the funny lines keep coming and to me no one is cooler than Wesley Snipes on this form,just a shame the third film was so average but go back and watch Blade 1 and 2 and enjoy two classic comic book films.

  8.  Great action thriller.


    Another Statham cracker with some quite stunning action scenes including a scene that even the Stath nearly didn't get up from and for me a better acting performance from him,not as good as some of his stuff like the crank and transporter films but still another winner from our best action superstar.

  9.  Luther back with a bang.


    Luther returns with a spectacular bang,epic first episode to series three and very dark but brilliant in places.
    Will write a proper review of series three when it finishes but what a start.

  10.  Chilling drama


    A very different BBC series to anything thats been on before.
    Martin Shaw gives one of his finest performances to date and really does convince you as a priest battling evil.
    The series is always gripping and the stories and acting are superb from everyone involved and you always believe in them.
    Every episode has stand out moments and it does make you jump at times though its more of a creeping feeling all the way through each episode that draws you into it.
    All in all one of to me the best series BBC has had down the years and unique as there was nothing like it before or yet since.