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  1.  Top stuff


    Wow. This sure gets the old heart beating. I love the sparring. Ducking and diving and hitting the targets, which is amazing accurate. We only have a small lounge, I'd say about 4 feet from the tv screen, but there were no problems al all for 70% of the exercises but trust me you will still get your monies worth with this game.
    For an extra muscle burner once you have progressed so far, treat yourself to a pair of wrist weights and see how much you start to firm up after that!
    Totally recommended!

  2.  Definately not boring!


    This is a great game to keep your reflexes tuned. I disagree that the game gets boring after the blue belt, in fact it is becoming a real challenge now that I have just earned my green (not bad for an old boy). Take my word for it, once you start playing this you will be hooked!

  3.  Don't get TOO excited.....


    I have to say I was a little disappointed to be honest. It feels very light and flimsy and that shiny top will hold on to every finger print you leave on it when you handle it. Picture quality? I was expecting better. You can see the resolution lines that go to make up the picture which makes reading credits and any text a nightmare. Just be warned, it's not THAT great....!

  4.  Similar to Wild 9


    Who remembers Wild 9 on the PS One? This reminds me of that game. I love this. The graphics are mouth watering in HD with fantastic colours and what a change for nuts and bolts to be spilled out all over the place when you shoot the bad guys instead or blood and guts! Great fun for the kids and a real laugh for adults. Trust me, this is a must-buy.

  5.  One for the kids


    Not good sound at all and they don't work that well either. Give these a miss unless they're intended for younger children to play around with..

  6.  Fantastic Game!!


    I read the reviews that this game is over in no time and repetative but decided to buy anyway.
    I am so glad I did! I would call the game "FEAR" repetative, but with this game each missions landscape/background is completely different from the last and delivers a totally gripping edge-of-the-seat thrill!
    The graphics are breathtaking also. I liked the way what ever object you shoot at either explodes or moves, some times this can play an integral part in achieving the mission.
    The best game I have ever played.

  7.  Great improvement.


    Yes it's light and yes it's thin, but unless you are really, really heavy handed with it I don't think there's any chance of it breaking.
    I personally like the way you can slip it in your top shirt pocket while listening to music and it doesn't feel like you are carrying it there.
    The screen seems brighter and crisper to me also and I really like the new totally glossy appearance. Definately doesn't feel cheap, that's for sure!
    Really recommend this to you

  8.  Terrific game!


    Fantastic music while playing the game. Sometimes I listen to the music without playing the game! So much superior to "meltdown". In "meltdown" the graphics look cheap and cartoony, in the this game the mercury acually looks like mercury and the colours are just outstanding. This game deserves a 6 if there was such a rating.

  9.  Terrific game.


    I played Gears of War just prior to Lost Planet and was afraid it wouldn't match up, bit it did! Sharp, colourful graphics, great little story and each mission and boss level so very different from the last. I'm an old git, die hard computer games fanatic in my forties so you could say I've grown up with ever improving games and graphics and Lost Planet is a real treat on the eyes and gets the old heart pumping.
    What an unbelievable price it is now! You'd be mad not to buy this!

  10.  Excellent results


    Terrific results, rich colourful images. I can 100% recommend this scanner. Tough little machine too, I accidently dropped it the other day when I was moving some bits around, I nearly had heart attack, but no probs, it still worked like new.