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  1.  Better than expected


    When i saw a trailer for this film i thought it was going to be yet another film Cage has done just for the money. I was wrong. This film was a lot better than first anticipated. The fight scenes are great and the car chase scenes are also brilliant. However the real star of the film is William Fichtner. His character of the accountant is so cool, funny and times his delivery to perfection. Really worth a watch.

  2.  O dear.


    Bought this phone as it was cheap and does eveything a phone does. However if you like having decent memory, decent camera and a decent music player then stay well away. It can hold a mximum of maybe 2 songs. The camera is blurry and my music player doesn't even work properly. The back keeps coming off it and the battery keeps falling out. Not worth buying in my opinion

  3.  Surprisingly Good


    I bought this film as one of them films you buy with a superb actor in just to see if it is any good. Guess what. It was. I am not much for american football films but this changed my outlook completely. One of the films to buy and an enjoyable watch.

  4.  Bird Flu.....


    I am a bit biased but i think that this film is one of the best comedy horrors out. Noel Clarke makes this film what it is... a great big laugh. Easily as good as Shaun of the dead. Easily worth buying.

  5.  Hugh Lauries Best Work


    I didnt really think that hugh laurie would be any good playing an american doctor but he is fantastic. His sarcastic comments are that of genius and it is all round brillaince. The acting, direction, storyline. I could spend hours watching it. I have yet to meet a person that doesnt like it.

  6.  Good


    I must say i found this film to be something different. It is a horror film that could happen and that makes it seem worse than it is.

  7.  Fantasy lovers read


    If you love fantasy novels this is a must buy. It is so different to what you usually read and it all blends so well. Really worth a read.

  8.  Wow


    I wasnt expecting to like this album but i thought i would give it a go and i cant stop listening to it. Plan B is easily one of our up-coming stars.

  9.  Fantastic


    This albums was one of those albums where you will like every song. Not only is there a godd mixture of the type of song but the artists in each individual song are nothing less than perfectly chosen. A great buy and really worth the money.

  10.  Well....


    I bought this game in great anticipation that it was going to be a game similar to that of the likes of fable. I was wrong. This game was good in many ways. The graphics were good. The storyline was thoroughly thought out and the way you could make your character unique was superb. The game itself however was a bit too complex for me and i found it annoying the way the fight scenes were played. I was expecting more. So a bit of a dissapointment but i am not a big fan of this sort of game.