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  1.  Even Five Stars Cannot Do The Twilight Series Justice!!!


    7 Reasons why this film is so perfect for me for everyone - FOR YOU
    1. The plot is incredibly captivating and superbly brought across to the audience.
    2. I have never come across such a unique and original viewpoint into vampires and as such would be horrified if anyone passed this film up.
    3. I indulge in this film so often that i cannot help but think of the sheer brilliance in the fantasy that the cast have provided.
    4. The novels are to me irrevocably genius and ooze with talent that is brought across in the movie.
    5. After Watching the film, reading the novels and then watching the film again my eyes were open to so much more that the movie had to offer.
    6. Whether your a hopeless romantic or you love to dabble into the world of monsters eg. vampires and werewolves there is not chance in hell that you can be disappointed.
    7. Although the whole series is utterly brilliant the original - the first - is always the best and will remain a favourite despite how fantastic the other films in the series are or will be.
    I could have gone on forever explaining how much i love this series, its perfectly chosen cast, or the inspiration for them (Stephanie Meyers incredible novels) but sometimes less is more, and this movie is truely beautiful - a work of art.
    Team Edward all the way :)
    No matter what age you are what indulgence you prefer , what actors or actresses "float your boat" this movie has dominated everyones opinions on this genre of film and i have met no-one who has said anything negative about the series.

  2.  MAGNIFICENT this novel deserves so much more than 5 stars


    WOW and i mean wow i have literally just finished reading this book, i wanted to see the film at the cinema so much but was unable to so i bought the book. I'm not a big reader, but this book really captured me. I laughed and cried so much during reading this; this book was filled with so much emotion that i just burst into tears at numerous points during the last 100 pages of the book. magnificent, i will definately without a shadow of a doubt name this book my favourite of ALL TIME. If you find yourself constantly imagining the perfect romance or desiring a real indulgence into lust and the spirit of "true love" then owning this book will be doing yourself so much justice. whenever i had to stop reading this book for other day to day chores i was either crying (because of the real emotion and connection i felt to these characters) or i was smiling because of the sincere and heart felt relationship that "every girl dreams of having", sighing at the romantic parts and crying at the parts that tug on your heart strings i have never read such an incredible novel. Audrey Niffenegger is so extremely talented a really truely gifted author, and a truely beautiful work of art. do not pass this novel up - i bought it for much more than this price and heck i'd of paid more for it too :D

  3.  True Exccellence!!


    The most fantastic movie and without a shadow of a doubt my best buy on play.com, and now the best action movie I own. I was filled with Adrenaline just from watching!! The most emotional movie I have ever seen, when his daughter was took I felt complete empathy for Neeson's character, and during the race to find her i was lliterally biting my nails. Don't pass up this film, it's truely brilliant and unforgetable!!

  4.  Travolta, Allen, Lawrence & Macy's Best!


    It is unbelievable how good a price this film is selling for, if you don't have this movie and you want a worth your while real comedy, then Wild Hogs is a brilliant choice, i live in a house of 6 and we all watched it together after i'd already watched it with my guy mates, It had my family on the floor with laughter. I never get tired of this film, and the proof its good comedy....When i watched it at the cinema with my friend - everyone in the screen room was clapping!! Now tell me when does that ever happen at a cinema??!!! I would have paid anything for this movie, its absolutely unforgetable.... even got the man that plays dr.cox in scrubs in it!! BUY NOW!! Don't Pass This Up!!!

  5.  wooo for Whoopi!!


    This film is one of my favourite comedies and i only have 3 favourites, i love Whoopi Goldberg films and am currently in the process of collecting them all...
    This film by far beats any other comedy i have come across with the exception of evolution a truely comedy inspiring film, and wild hogs a film i couldn't stop laughing through.
    My favourite line without a doubt: "you can't miss me i'm a litte black woman in a big silver box" Me and my sister watch this film at every opportunity... If you want real classic comedy stick wih Whoopi and buy this film... and it's even at a rock bottom price of £4!!! BARGAIN... if i was play.com i'd sell it for more - absolutely fantastic film...... trust me!!

  6.  Had Potential


    Unfortunately i had quite high hopes for this film, thinking that it would be a good jumpy film after i saw the adverts on tv. I bought it at a much higher price than £5 (around £13) really thinking i'd made a good buy, but to be honest the ending of the movie just seemed so un horror/jumpy like, and like the typical ending for any bad movie. I was shocked because i do like films with shannyn sossamon for example a knights tale and 40 days and 40 nights - it really did have potential, - it was set up perfect, brilliant creepy music etc but unfortunately just let me down :(
    I'm a fan of final destination i have all of them - this film is nothing like them.... If your looking for jumpy creepy films then i recommend the strangers with liv tyler and scott speedman or dead silence with ryan kwanten :) (2 personal favourite horror films of mine)

  7.  Gripping


    Now this is a film worth watching... The Combination of GOOD familiar actors/actresses with the small but effect means to scare an audience make this film brilliant. It's succession of suspense and "jumpy"moments kept me gripped. It's the first film my boyfriend and i saw together on our first date - great for Girls who want to cuddle up to their men with a movie worth their time. I recommended it to my sister and her boyfriend who well lets just say don't usually watch horror films - could hear the screaming throughout the whole house! and the garden lmao
    Although i coul predict one thing was going to happen (wont mention anyway for those of you who haven't seen it) The film still kept me jumping for more - and i hardly jump at any horror.
    If you love Horrors... this is definately a film for you....