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  1.  Not as good as Blue Harvest


    As above - there are a few funnies in here but there seems to be too many sillier jokes/skits in it that don't really add to the episode in my view. Blue Harvest is much funnier in comparison.

    Let's see what they do with the next episode.

  2.  Great RPG/Shooter


    Having not owned the first Mass Effect I wasn't sure about this but got it on a special offer and I'm very impressed with it. There is loads to do in this and it definitely won't take a short amount of time to complete - easily 40hrs worth going through things properly and thoroughly.

    There are some good features - one is being able to fight almost real time and just get on with it - when you select other weapons or powers it pauses the action while you choose which saves you getting blasted to pieces.

    Once I complete it all I'm going to pick up the first one and play through that.

  3.  Simply phenomenal


    After playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion for a bit someone at work suggested playing Fallout 3 as it's a bit better and futuristic with having guns etc. They were very modest in their words as it's more than just a bit better.

    As with all good RPG's there needs to be loads of gameplay time and quests to do and this has them in abundence and then some. Also with having the 5 expansion packs added on you are making the game even bigger so it will continue to eat more of your life away (which it definitely will - no doubt).

    I particularly like the VATS mode which lets you target an enemy and depending on skills/line of sight/ weapon choice etc it will fire on an area of the enemy's body to the point of either crippling them or killing them. Dependant on what area of the body you damage they might not be able to shoot for example or they will not be able to move as fast so you can plan your strategy for groups of enemies and adapt to numbers of enemies rather than going in all guns blazing and getting killed yourself.

    I got this for christmas and will be playing it for some to come. You will not be disappointed if you buy this game.

  4.  A nice improvement over FM2


    A very good driving game that should be in anybody's collection of 360 games. The collectors edition pack is well presented and the keyring/USB stick look pretty sturdy and not cheap (I've not taken either of them out the packaging though).

    The game itself has some nice touches with the addition of drifting and drag racing. I especially like the storefront as it helps create more of a community feel to the game (just visit the official FM forum to see this). It works well and you can show off your best replays and pictures aswell as making your own tunes, paints and vinyls to sell on. No longer do you need to scour the auction house unless you want to buy full cars.

    I just need to get some MS Points now to buy the new car pack that contains the new Nissan Skyline GTR.

  5.  A must have


    Campaign is very good but maybe a little short for some people. The new spec ops mode is awesome especially with a friend over Xbox Live as you get a full screen each instead of a half screen if playing on the same machine.

    Roll on the next one.

  6.  Yes please


    Such a great console. Had a premium for about 3 months and then upgraded to the Elite and haven't looked back. 6 times the original HDD space (was 20gb previously) and most importantly black to match the TV and DVD player.

    The graphics are awesome in full 1080P through HDMI and with it hooked up to my surround sound system the noises in each game are taken care of brilliantly.

    I had a Motherboard failure the xmas week and got a repaired console back within 8 days, even with it going to Germany and back, can't fault that kind of service.

    The new Xbox Live Experience really makes the console easier to manage - it's easier to check what achievements your missing, easier and quicker to navigate the marketplace etc.

    You won't be disappointed with this.

  7.  Nintendo Genius


    This is an excellent games console with some really innovative games. I don't own many games for it as I tend to buy "proper" games for my Xbox 360 however what I do own for the Wii are absolutely brilliant and wouldn't be half as good on the 360.

    This is fun for all the family especially Wii Sports which comes in the box. It is a really basic version of 5 games but you will still come back and play them time after time - trust me.

    If you are looking for something different to what everyone has been used to with a games console then this is it.

  8.  A warm up first is recommended


    The olympics might seem a distant memory but this game is brilliant. I would definitely recommend some form of warm up if you are going to be playing the game for a bit as it can get a bit sore on the arms playing for long periods of time.

    Once you get going with the events it does get addictive. If you are playing with friends you will want to try and beat their scores which encourages you to keep playing.

    Before each event you can view a brief demo of how the controls work for each one so you don't need to spend ages reading a manual.

    There is a wide variety of events and they are pretty enjoyable for all ages, my 5yr old particularly likes the 100m hurdles but she tends to run on the spot which is quite funny (good practise for wii fit though)

    You won't be disappointed with this game

  9.  Worth buying (if not just for the guitar)


    Got this after I received GH3 for xmas last year and was glad I got GH3 first.

    The songs on GH3 I feel are better however the guitar that comes with GH2 is awesome and wired so no need for batteries. The guitar can be used on Rock Band also.

  10.  Great shooter


    This is a really good game on the 360. You can't just run in and shoot people like other shooters you have to be tactical which makes the game more interesting as you have to think more about how you go about your business on each level.

    The levels are a really good size and can take some time to do each one which helps in the length of the game as there is nothing worse than a game over in a few hours.

    There are plenty of game modes to keep you occupied and the co-op story mode is good as you can play through the whole game with another person so you can think about tactics a bit more