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  1.  Ow it hurts


    This fitness software is really good. I'm reluctant to call it a game because it really isn't. You have the choice of 4 instructors, who are all real people. (and some of their expressions are really funny, try messing up an exercise move and see how they react) They show you each exercise as you come to it, in a very clear simple way. You have different work out settings so you can target specific goals such as drop a dress size or target your thighs or stomach or work on core stability. They also set you up with a meal planner with different recipes. It really is like having your own personal trainer at your beck and call.

    You can also take challenges to see how fit you are like the army entrance exam or pro footballer or dancer so it can put you through your paces whatever your pace may be.
    I'm already noticing a difference in my upper body strength and my arms are looking more toned than they were before.

    Certainly better value than my gym membership.

  2.  Tricky


    Maya certainly puts you through your paces and for that i'm thankful, there isn't a session that goes by where sweat isnt dripping off of me, although I find the learning curve a little steep, for example the yoga even with the tutorial it goes way to fast, she doesn't know what your posture is so you could be doing it completely wrong for all she cares.
    Also when she asks you how you're doing you get to pick one of three responses but the amount of times i've accidentally clicked the wrong one because the responses are so tiny and close to one another.
    Saying that if you want a work out, This is certainly the game to get.

  3.  Stunning


    Beautiful scenery, even more beautiful music. An all familiar turn based battle system which starts off pausing between actions but as your party level progresses switches to real time which lets you ease into the game slowly if you're not a seasoned rpg player.

    The voice acting was good which you can listen to in either english or japanese. The characters were believable and not annoying which is always a plus

    Educational as well as you get little cut scenes during each chapter which details the real composer chopin's life. I found this added to the game emmensly.

    The ps3 version has new costumes, characters and an additional dungeon which has made me buy this version rather than the xbox360 version.

    Even if you dont like computer games, you should buy this if only to switch it on and listen to the music

  4.  Yay go indy!!!


    I've never played any of the lego games so i have no concept of what ive missed before hand but i can say i enjoyed lego indiana jones emmensly very funny, highly entertaining and quite tricky at points. Luckily ive seen the movies as if i hadnt i may have had no idea what was going on as theres no text or speaking in the game its all done in sounds as gestures as the little lego people act out the first 3 indiana jones film installments.

    So if you've seen the films you'll know instinctivly what bit comes next which'll help you complete certain levels. Collection the additional characters and finding all the hidden treasure adds a a substantial amount of depth and strategy to the game. One to play over and over again

  5.  A bit of a let down


    I've played a few of the star wars titles and love most of the movies. I loved the knights of the old republic series of games and thought this would be similar, sadly I was mistaken. The plot whilst not too flimsy had nowhere near the depth as previous games.

    The characters were good as were the graphics but the gameplay got repetitive really quickly and whereas you had considerable freedom to go where you wanted within reason in the KOTOR series there was nothing like that here.

    This game could have been so much more than it was. Its good if its an introduction to the star wars franchise of games, but if youve played other star wars games then you're going to be dissapointed.

  6.  beyond stunning


    It takes no time whatsoever getting used to the storyboard graphics as theyre so unbelievably gorgeous its hard not to be stunned by the games beauty. The voice over actors arnt annoying which i find rare in a game and the storyline is deeply engaging and cleverly written.
    The gameplay is quite quick and easy to get to grips with although its not your usual rpg in that the battles take some time to get through and you need strategy rather than strength to survive.
    Its a substantial game in all areas, that leaves you wanting more of this visual delight. As a seasoned RPG fan this one has shot into my top 5 and ive played alot of rpgs

  7.  endless


    Whilst this game is really relaxing even if you just leave it running and listen to the music, it does get a little dull after a while, it rates the game for anyone over the age of 3 but i couldnt honestly imagine a young child playing this, they would get bored pretty quickly. But if you need to chill out after a bad day at work then paddling around stroking fish is one way to wind down.

  8.  Fun


    If your a seasoned final fantasy player theres a number of reasons to buy this game, even though it doesnt have quite the same depth as you would come to expect from any other final fantasy game it has alot of old favourites, you will find cactuars and tonberries aplenty in this dungeon fest and the new take on old music from across the final fantasy range will leave you feeling quite nostalgic and probably as a result replaying old games.

    The voice acting unfortunatly got a little on my nerves at times and the concept of recovering peoples memories becomes a little on the tedious side towards the end but it is an enjoyable game and the graphics are pretty cute.

    If you've never played an RPG game before this is probably a good place to start the levelling up scheme is pretty easy to understand and theres not much in the way of stats to worry about so a gentle way to break you into this sort of genre of game, and certainly one for the kids

  9.  Fantastic


    A great book, but not just for kids. This book really helped me memorise katakana and hirigana (they even supply a sound pronounciation website link to hear the words spoken) The pictures are bright and full of information and really help to get lots of basic vocabulary stuck in your head. Also can you find the little duck on every single page? Still to date one of my favourite japanese language learning books, and I have alot

  10.  Stunning


    This game really blew me away, as a seasoned RPG fan it had everything I looked for in a game, good voice acting, pretty graphics, compelling storyline and sidequests to really get stuck into. The game has multiple endings so replay factor is also high. A real must for any RPG fan