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  1. Tekken 6

    Tekken 6

    Playstation Portable

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     Okay not so bad


    Totally different from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

    The thing is that in T6, the characters are sort of cartoonized (same as in prince of persia the last game) which makes the graphics look a bit ridiculous.

    Though apart from that there are new customizations which are very different from T5. The new hair system, and the aura apart from the extra items are really cool.

    In T6, the most stupid thing i found is that in both arcade and ghost battles.. you are shown the rank of the character you're using and his/her fighting battles (Wins, Losses, Draws and percentage).. which is a bit tedious since in the previous Tekken, one could just do arcade battle for fun without having to worry about the ranks.

    In the story mode, i found out that the character fighting length is short, you get to fight two characters, jin and Azazel. Thing about Azazel (the boss monster) is really annoying because if you're trying good hits, they don't work on him (he has a special block and can attack you while you're attacking him)... and if you attack him, he can counter you back dealing quite a good amount of damage and sends you flying for a massive combo of his.

    The characters have improved moves and also the new feature of bouncing adds up to the special effects of the new T6 which makes it unique so far. The new characters are quite a handful because all 5 of them posses strength and agility which makes them quite challenging to beat. The ending movies are somewhat hilarious (Bob, ganryu, lei wulong ect) but there are other sad movies and interesting ones as well.

    Above all, this game is good and if you want to try and master the newly and improved characters, go ahead but i recommend you look at the trailers and check some reviews first.

  2.  Stunning in every possible way


    This game is really good and, graphics are to be praised for... but it's too short and sometimes the levels can be a pain in the ass.. since you have to do only that one thing.
    Even for the fact that COD is famous for multiplayer, it leaves the owner of this game kind of bored :/

    but above all it's a good game :)

  3.  Chains Of Olympus!!


    This game is a real bomb!
    It's nice and really unique in it's own way :)
    You get to kill weird things lol and use magic you steal after killing monsters xD.

    Worth buying this game :D

  4.  Challenging


    This game is really challenging because it involves the use of skills and also having a bit of luck helps heh :)

    Neever give up the game and you will find it nice :).
    Worth to buy if you like challenges

  5.  Good game


    I'm a fan of dragonball and this game is really good. It brings out the best of all characters and even the storyline is good.

    Nice game, and it has almost nothing to do with tekken. Tekken is similar but both are really different in their own ways.
    Worth to buy if you like dragonball and enjoy fighting 1 vs 1 using techniques and flying.

  6.  Plain and Simple


    Good game and love it. The story is nice and graphics are good.
    Easy to play and pretty simple to understand and figure out.
    Worth to buy if you like to kill waves of soldiers that think they can pwn you :)

  7.  Amazing


    This game is by far the best from the ones that are available on PSP. I have dynasty warriors, dynasty warriors 2 and samurai warriors; but it's pointless to say that warriors orochi beats them all with eyes closed.

    The game has a really nice story, perfect in almost every way, good graphics too. You won't get so bored playing it... because there are alot of things to do. The only problem is that you only get to kill waves and waves of soldiers :/.

    Getting all 77 characters is hard enough, not to mention obtaining each skill from all of them, and getting their proficencies to the max to get every combo and also their special item.

    I love warriors orochi, and it's truely addicting for those fans like me, for the rest.. ehh enjoy watching the previews first :)

  8.  Nice


    Since i'm a fan of dynasty warriors, i had to get samurai warriors :). Slightly different than dynasty but still very nice.

    Like the review before mine it gets kinda boring since you always do the same things. But it's a good game for those who are like me, a fan of samurai and dynasty warriors :)

  9.  Funny


    I like this game alot :) The story is very good, and you can follow it even if you don't have ps2 or the series of games of jak and daxter.

    So far i've made it till 3/4 of the game and i don't regret spendin my money on it ^^

    I personally like daxter's character because he likes alot women LOL.. so whenever the pretty girl comes he's always flirtin with her hah..

    Even the levels are nice, the fact that in daxter, you can use the backpack to hover in the air is a variation from crash bandicoot makes it a worth to buy.

    2 thumps up :D

  10.  Not Bad


    As the title implies, it's not a bad game, it's nice in the beginning, but boring after you kill the 2nd boss.
    I stopped playin it after the 2nd boss for like 4 months and then started it again but found it boring again after the 4th boss :/

    Like every game, it's nice in the beginning but tends to have the same trends. You get parts, hack and slash, shoot bullets, bombs, laser or burn to dust your opponent.

    In the end i'd give it a 3 star rating cos it has alot of weapons and graphics aren't bad, but the story is a repetition in each level