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  1.  Just a comment


    This one's for the play.com developers really but most people will know anyway. The details of the game write up says "Full HD 720p resolution." This isn't true. Full resolution HD available in the UK at the moment is 1080p - much higher than 720p. I guess this game is at the lower resolution of 720p as there are few PS3 games out there that have the full HD res.

  2.  SUPER


    Not one of the best animated films out there but nevertheless this is a cracker especially on BD. The detail is incredible and colour is really vibrant and solid. An excellent soundtrack as well. If you liked the DVD of this film, the BD will prove to you what the difference really is!!



    This is a good film and far removed from the kind of "nicey-nicey" roles Denzel Washington has been cast to in the past. I enjoyed it but I can see there will be a lot of people out there who wouldn't.

    I was impressed with the HD picture quality but disappointed that the BD only had a Dolby Digital soundtrack.

    Anyway - four stars from me - if you like good cop gone bad type films and flicks with a hard-hitting drug/violent theme, go for it. Otherwise, stay clear.



    This is a fantastic movie - OK the plot isn't exactly original but it is beautifully portrayed in almost clinical fashion and superbly acted. The picture quality at 1080p is incredible and is helped along by a cracking soundtrack and some stunning cinematography.

    Mixing ultra-high technology with human ethics and emotion, this film is a great watch.

  5.  Another Great Willis Flick


    This is by far the best of the Die Hards and would make a great movie in its own right without being part of this franchise. Willis was superb and was tremendously supported by a fantastic cast. the action was non-stop and the storyline fantastic. Picture quality at 1080p is excellent although not the best I've seen and the DTS HD soundtrack really rocks as well. This is a superb get for Die Hard lovers.



    I watched this for the first time the other night and I have to say that I was captivated right from the beginning. the fim is about the rescue of a missionary doctor from war-torn Nigeria by a team of crack American Commandoes. Sounds a bit cliche? Think again.

    The story is not typical of this type of film. It is graphic and realistic in its portrayal of the brutality suffered by the African people and the story is brilliantly written and directed. The scenery is spectacular and a credit to the Blu-Ray genre of disc.

    You get a 5.1 PCM uncompressed soundtrack with this film which is great and really immerses you in the action.

    Well worth a watch!

  7.  OH WOW!


    this film was great to start off with but the BD version is - in a single word - STUNNING. The level of detail you get gives you the feeling of being right there on the mountainside. The cinematography in this movie is what HD was made for. Well worth the money.



    This film was OK on DVD but the transfer to HD DVD makes an incredible difference. The scenery is stunning, details is excellent and the extra dimension really absorbs you into the movie.

    Well worth a watch now on HD. It is -1 star because of Tom (Woody) Cruise - otherwise fantastic.

  9.  Great but not Tremendous


    A great piece of Hollywood-ism returns! The BD version of this film really shows what detail is actually missing from a DVD and that not everything is black or various shades of grey.

    I was expecting a bit more, however from this disc and although the HD definitely didn't disappoint, I was hoping for more. Don't be put off though - if you like the movie, get the BD version for the extra details and a bit of the WOW factor.

  10.  Fantastic Fantasy on HD-DVD


    This is a great film to begin with although perhaps not the best of the Harry Potter series.

    Having a great mix of colourful, vibrant scenes and dark, mysterious scenes, HP1 gives your HD set-up a bit of a challenge and it doesn't disappoint. The film is displayed brilliantly in 1080p HD DVD - much better than DVD. Colours and details are fantastic and the darker scenes are made much more visible and have greatly improved clarity. There is little or no graininess in the picture either.

    Soundtrack-wise, again, the HD DVD produced a much better quality soundtrack than DVD and although I cannot yet decode the HD soundtracks, I cannot wait to re-watch this film with an improved soundtrack.