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    if your reading this review i can only assume that you are familiar with seasons 1/2/3 so i wont go into to much detail..what i will say is that this has been one of if not the best series i have ever had the pleasure to watch and season 4 is up there with the rest..in many ways im very happy that i own all of these on bluray and on the other hand i am sad that its all over...i even began to shed tears on the finale episode thats how absorbing this series has been..
    all in all this is acting and story telling at the highest level...
    p.s. dont forget to watch the end credits after the last episode...
    I AM SPARTACUS...................................................................

  2. Flight



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    its good to see denzel back to doing movies with a descent storyline..
    after unstoppable which was the biggest load of poo i was starting to get a little worried..
    the movie focuses on a flight officer who has a drinking problem..i dont want to say to much but if your looking for adventure/action look elsewhere..this is a movie about a man accepting and coming to terms about an addiction with alcohol..
    good acting good storyline makes a nice change..



    when i saw the trailer i thought this looks good a little different from the norm special forces/tight spaces and monsters..
    the basic plot is a couple of experiments have gone wrong at a secret lab
    and the special forces are sent in..
    when the movie kicks off your thrown straight in at the deep end and you can be caught a little of guard wondering whats going on..as with the aussies the budget is tight and you do notice this but i dont think thats the only problem here the acting and script is poor..
    i felt if this movie had a better opener explaining the experiments and seeing them go wrong and then building up to the tunnel crisis and a bigger budget this could be a winner..im not usually one to recommend hollywood to pinch other movies..but this does have a story that could make a winner..
    sorry aussies but movie needs a bigger budget and a better opener..



    was good to see something a little different from the norm..
    basically if feels like your watching the L.A.P.D at work day in day out and the movie focuses on two patrol men as they deal with some serious scummy people..its filmed like a movie and documentary..there are alot of shocking and gruesome momments in this movie and i have to say this is one job i would not like to do..
    all in all i have to say this is one of the better movies of 2012 and will be buying on bluray..
    if you like a rollercoster ride with a few shocks i recommend highly...
    p.s.the shoot out scenes are very realistic..



    after all the rave reviews of this movie i had to give it a look..
    and i can honestly say i was pleasantly surprised..
    not only does the movie give us alot of gritty action but the picture also
    gives it a gritty feel..its not shinny and full of special effects but its not grainy either as i said it has that gritty feel.. it kind of has the true life feeling about it and the landscapes look fantastic..
    the storys simple a block tower with a drug baron and dredd and his side kick..kick butt all the way..
    all in all i dont think it will be every ones cup of tea but if your looking for a simple story with a post apocalyptic feel and a few good shoot outs..this will be just what your after..
    p.s dredds sidekick is a babe to look at and love the motorbikes..



    from the momment the movie starts it has tim burton written all over it..
    you know that dark gothic feel..and i have to say its starting to get a little boring..
    the story focuses on a boy bringing his dog back from the dead..now while watching i was trying to think is it trying to be a comedy or something a bit more serious..either way it was lacking any spark and found it hard to stay intrested being in black and white certainly didnt help..maybe its time for tim to try something a little different..
    all in all if you want to watch a good animation movie at the momment i suggest paranorman..



    after the big success of the first movie and all the chit chat of the second..
    the movie company have sold them selves out and dropped the rating of this movie to maximize on there profits and buy doing this you are getting the same story but with a more family outing approach..so those actions scenes that made the first one so special have been toned down and the killer instinct that liam had in the first now looks like hes a back street brawler..you can also see that so much has been cut from nearly every action sequence that their will defo be a harder and much longer cut to come..
    so my advice would be to hold out on this and wait for the proper version..



    after reading many mixed reviews i decided to give it a look and try not to compare it to the previous bourne movies and that lys the problem..
    you cant go into this trying to watch it as a stand alone movie..
    after watching three fantastic episodes and then seeing this you left feeling a little disappointed..the storyline is there as the agency are trying to kill of all there agents..you do get some great chase scenes and and your fair share of action..i suppose what i was really disappointed about was the ending there is a great chase scene and wanted to see a big finale fight but as ever the movie just finished and left the door open for another..
    as the previous reviewer states it does imply the jason is still alive maybe in the next one they can bring these two together and try to see them bring down the corruption in the agency..
    now that would be a movie worth watching..



    dont be fooled like me..when i first saw the trailer for this i thought yea this looks good a new movie made to look like an old school kung fu movie..shore i knew with tarantino on board this would be something a little different..but i wasnt prepared for a bunch of actors that have all been waisted and looked like they really didnt want to be there as the acting was very bland..shore russel crowes entrance to the film is the best bit but after that its all down hill..the storys very week and doesnt give you nothing to sink your teeth into.. before you know it the movies finished before it had a chance to get going..
    even the kung fu looked week and cheap..
    all in all there are a few references to some old school kung fu movies which i did appreciate as im a big fan of the old school..
    trust me rent before you buy this movie is not as good as the trailer makes out..



    one of my favorite asian movies on bluray and in a steelbook..
    whats not to like..
    well first of all i would like to mention this movie/storyline is 5 out 5..
    the steelbook is a nice/welcome addition and am glad i have added it to my collection the artwork looks good but the paint work is a little on the thin side and theirs no engraving..the steelbook itself is well made..
    the picture has been improved but have seen alot better..
    the 5.1 soundtrack comes through the speakers well was very happy
    as the soundtrack is fantastic..
    the extras include commentarys deleted scenes and trailers nothing special as would of liked to of scene a making of or behind the scenes..
    so overall this is a must as this is one of the best asian movies ever made and in a steelbook..minus 1 star for lack of extras and picture not being perfect..