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  1.  got it on blu-ray, but only review normal dvd's


    This film is pure class, Michael Mann has done it again. This is his best film apart from Heat. One of my favourite gangster films ever, and being based on a true story makes it that much better. People complain about Michael Mann's films being slow (Miami Vice is slow, but I love it), but I like them being slow, because there storytelling films, but when you see action it is very class action. If you like gangster films, or like Michael Mann, or are intersted in true stories then this a film for you.

  2.  Best cop thriller ever


    Being a big Keanu Reeves fan I knew there was no way I could hate this, and I really don't. This is by far Reeves best film to date. Great story behind it, keeps you on the edge of your seat, guessing whats gunna happen next, very good acting by everyone, great supporting cast like Forest Whitaker and Hugh Laurie. Just a very good film to watch, get it, it won't disappoint.

  3.  got it on blu-ray, but only review normal dvd's


    Like the review below, I was put off getting this because I haven't read the books, and it being a vampire/romance film didn't seem like a normal vampire film. But, I'm glad I got it, I love this film to bits (I'm male, so it's because the guy who plays Edward). Everything about this film is just awesome, the actor's, the acting, the story, the effects. I really can't stress how much I like this film, it's one of my favourite films of all time. I can not wait for New Moon in November.

  4.  Another great sequel to some awesome films


    At Worlds End is another good film in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. It basiclly continues from where the 2nd left off, the acting in this seems to be a little bit worse than the first 2 but it's something you can get over. If the 4th comes out I hope it starts off where this left off. This is just the second part to the Davy Jones story and ends the story, I for one think this is such a great series that is just good throughout all 3 films, I hope the 4th can continue it. This is also the funniest one of all 3. If your a fan of 1 or 2, or both you'll like this, or anyone who likes film, should like this series lol. Watch it.

  5.  Great sequel, not as good as the first one


    Dead Man's Chest is the second film in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, this is also basiclly the start of the second story in the Pirates Of The Caribbean universe.

    I personally thought it was a great film and as sequel goes, it wasn't a bad one. It basiclly starts the new story so you don't really need to of seen the first one to get it, but the first one is the best out of all 3 so I would recommend it. The first part of the new story basiclly sets the theme for the final film (3rd now as a 4th is confirmed) and gets you into the story by introducting some new characters. When you watch this and the 3rd one it's good, but on it's own, the film is pointless, but as a series it rules, which is why I like it. I felt this was a great sequel and again, is acted well and has some good special effects, just like the first.

  6.  Gotta be my favourite Disney film ever


    The Curse Of The Black Pearl is the start of one of (in my opinion) the best film franchises made. Could of been a great one off film, but spawned 2 great sequels, and maybe a 3rd sequel.

    A group of cursed pirates sailing around the world in a black ship that can't be caught, finding treasure to cure the curse they have. Basiclly the plot for this awesome film. The cast is great, and is very well acted, with the great special effect's and good plot that keeps you gripped and easy to follow this is without doubt the best of all 3 films, and my favourite Disney to be honest.

  7.  Best direct-to-dvd film I have ever seen


    I'm surpised at myself for waiting so long after it's release to finally get it, I've been watching this film for ages before it got released. Some big big stars in this film, and 50 Cent is the best (I do like 50 Cent as an actor, his great). You can really tell this is a low-budget direct-to-dvd film but it's worth it, great story about trust, loyalty, and freidnship. I thought the acting was great, just the script they had to work with seemed quite weak. I did not expect the twist to be how it was which I love. I think this is one direct-to-dvd film that everyone should own, don't be put off by it not being in the cinema, it's bloody worth it.

  8.  Not bad, worth the watch


    I thought that the whole idea of this film was pretty good, the whole thing about certain people with, what I'd call quite a good power of jumping from place to place, but it wasn't put together all that well, the acting and the style of character's the actor's play doesn't really make you feel anything for them. I only thought that the Griffin guy was an excellent character, but you just didn't see enough of him. This is the first film ever that I felt should have been longer to get more into it.However, I did enjoy it and I think it's worth the price and the time it takes to watch it, just don't go excepting an awesome film though.

  9.  my favourite out of all 3


    Loving both Long Way Round and Long Way Down, I was quite surpised to hear Charley do one on his own, but this is my favourite out of all 3. Charley Boorman going round the world on any transport thats to do with the country he is in, along with Russ (Long Way Round/Down) and Mungo (camera-man). This has everything, the lovely moments that make you think, the moments that make you jealous and want to go to where he is, the funny parts, and the up's and down's, this is fantastic. Can't wait for By Any Means 2 and the 3rd Long Way with both again. Any fan of The Long Way series should certainly see this, it's amazing.

  10. Heat



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     a classic film that should be watched by everyone!


    This film is as perfect as any film will get. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are great together, and so is the supporting cast aswell. You actually can't help but like all the character's as both Pacino and De Niro show respect to each other dispite bring on different sides of the law, and that just makes it impossible to like one more than the other. The shoot out towards the end is one of the best ever made. This is one of the best films ever, can't wait to get it on blu-ray.