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  1.  Amazing!!!


    I've just completed this game and I have to say its was absolutley brilliant, it took a good hour or two to get into it but once your in the story its awesome, massive map, brilliant graphics, great gameplay, good characters and the ending was fantastic! A must buy 10 out of 10, 5 stars, 100 % - buy it!

  2.  Quite possily the most boring movie ive ever seen!


    Maybe its just me but this was so grim, very depressing, nothing really happens, takes far to long to get to the point its making and is pointless! The idea of the movie is great but its not executed right, for a start it dosent even explain why he can time travel, apart from saying he has different molecules in his brain to everyone else (or sommat like that). Overall its to long, boring, a rubbish ending and by looking at other reviews, people are on the same page as me!

  3.  Makes you proud to own a PS3


    What can i say but fantastic! Its what being a ps3 owner is all about, the exclusive titles!
    Ive only played the game for about 2 hours or so but of what ive seen its brilliant, the controls are a little odd but after a while you get used to it, its like being in an interactive movie, very realistic and quite emotional in some places. I really hope it turnes out to be a long game and not something you can finish in a couple hours. All your decisions change the outlook of the game, for example on the demo I didnt manage to get a certain woman to talk (not giving it away) but when I got the game, I made a couple of changes and got her talking to me, very clever!
    Overall if you love shoot em ups etc, this aint for you, but for people who love interactive gameplay, look no further than Heavy Rain! 10/10 - 5 starts - 98%

  4.  Stunning!


    What a film!
    I got to be honest, I was never a fan of the TV series and wasnt really looking forward to it, my mate convinced me to watch it and I gotta say i really enjoyed, if your like me and not a fan, you will love the film just for how amazing it looks, the CGI is brilliant, and has constant action, great acting as well, give it a watch, you'll love it!

  5.  Contender for game of the year!


    What a game, very addictive, the minute I started playing it, I couldnt get off it, fantastic storyline, maybe a little far fetched in places but still fantastic, everyone should own this, even if you play just to play it online and this is where COD shows its true colours, very very good, overall a brilliant game, the reason I took a star off is because the campaign part is a bit too short, apart from that amazing, buy it!

  6.  Quite possibly the greatest album ever made!


    Beautiful in every way, all the songs are fantastic, and for the time it was written, very very original, never will be a band with so much talent, a must buy, makes ya proud to be british!

  7.  Best film Swayze ever did!


    An absolute masterpiece, perfect in every way, theres thrills, drama, action, love and some fantastic comedy, Whoopi Goldberg is fantastic in it, if you havent seen this, which is very doubtful, you must buy it now, best two hours you will have watched in a long time!

  8.  Dont believe the hype


    Ive gotta say that this is the most over rated film ive ever seen, ive seen it twice and both times i was just bored, i really dont understand why its so loved and won all those awards, maybe its just me but ive definatley seen better fims than this, that hasnt got no where near as much praise as twilight!
    Just dont get it!

  9.  Quite poor!


    First of all this isnt the worst film ive ever seen and the actual story isnt to bad either, the problem i think is, there is no depth to the film, it feels quite rushed in places, in order for the film to have that emotional feel that it was going for, it just wasnt happening, for a start the main female star hardly had a mention so you couldnt relate to the story, bit of shame considering thats what its all about, all the while its not awful and is maybe worth a watch, just dont be expecting too much from it! One more thing, it gets really annoying listening to matthew mcconaughey's voice for an hour and a half, just thought i'd warn ya!

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    What can i say, trailer made it looked really good but another fine example of trailer showing all the better bits, its just really boring and never really goes anywhere, just a rip off of heroes and the 4400, there's two hours i'll never get back again!