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Product Reviews

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  1.  Good quality


    This has to be the best fleece that I have ever bought. It's so soft and bigger than I expected. I would recommend to buy

  2.  Still great


    This was better than the last book and I couldn't put it down, there is a lot more detail involved. If you got the last book or you are interested in the genre I would recommend buying.

  3.  An amazing buy!


    Whether you are a Castle fan or a fan of the genre this book is absolutely worth getting.

    For Castle's fans wanting to know yes the scene is on page 105 as promised. The characters are amazing and has been written brilliantly. This book is only 198 pages long as opposed to the site saying 320 pages.

    I couldn't put this book down and absolutely can't wait for the next book to be released.

  4.  Amazing


    This a great look on what happened to Bree in Eclipse, you get another look on what it is like to be a newborn vampire. You get to see what happened in the fight scene in the opening and also what happened between Riley and Victoria as well as what it was like for the newborns coping on their own. Stephanie writes like all the other books and even better. It take the same time to read as Twilight and I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying it. This is just an amazing and insightful book which I hope is made into a movie aswell.

  5.  A+++++


    I started to watch the series after I had read the books and must say I was a little disappointed because when you read the books you can get a sense of what the characters are like in the series. There are a few characters that are missing from the book and some of them have been changed but it was all for the better.

    The relationship between Stefan, Elena and Damon is amazing they are all caught in a love triangle with Elena making the choice to be with Stefan but then wondering what it would be like with Damon. When I first started to watch the show I was a little cautious because I wasn't sure of the storyline but now I am in love with it and can't wait for season 2 to come out!

    I would recommend to anyone that has read the books and also that has an interest in buying this, it is well worth the money.

  6.  Amazing


    This has got to be the best season yet...i am loving it and can't wait for what surprises are in store for season 4 :)

    You can't help but watch and fall in love with Chuck, Sarah and Casey they are the best team ever. Season 3 is still as action packed if not better than the last 2 seasons combined. I can't wait to get season 3 so then i can re watch them on my tv instead of my laptop :)

  7.  The fun makes up for the faults


    I bought this and was really pleased not only do you get the game you get the camera. This camera wasn't up to my expectation though because the room is either to light or to dark.
    There is a wide range of games that you can play from being chased by monkeys or dancing. It's one of those games where if someone walked past your house they would be saying what in the world are they doing. I'm 18 and my mum enjoyed the game as well as my little brothers.
    You need to have a lot of clear space as anything in the background can set it off if they move. This is an amazing game and I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying it.

  8.  It's okay


    I bought this book as people said that it was funny, however I didn't laugh. It has the same based storyline as Twilight but it has a different ending. This is okay for someone who wants to read it as it fills time but it isn't really funny as everyone is saying.

  9.  It's okay


    I bought this expecting it to be the same as the other 3 books but i was disappointed in the storyline. Despite the size of the book not much really happened, most of the book is in Jacob's perspective and I couldn't tell that Stephanie had wrote this book. It's okay to read but i'm disappointed that she isn't writing another book as I was really disappointed with the ending.

  10.  Excellent


    This is a really great product. My dad is really into gardening and so I got him 2 of these for a present. They are really compact and fit straight into your windowsill. I would recommend to anyone wanting to grow these.