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  1.  Wanted?


    Bought this game thinking it would improve my games collection, i have now found out that it put a little dent in my collection. I feel the gameplay is nothing new, this style of play has been seen many times before on various titles -gears of war ect- and has become overused in my opinion. Graphics are good, but i found some cutscenes to be quite glitchy, what i mean by that is, textures loading slowly and some cutting with the characters. The repetative nature of the game slowly emerges after a few hours play-by which time you will have finished most of the campaign it is so short! - the curving of the bullets is fun, but becomes a bit cliched through continious play. A good game for those who do not take gaming so seriously, but for those who do, there is better out there!

  2.  its a shame


    its a shame for the muscles in my opinion hes a good action actor but is let down by crappy supporting acting and film direction this film is good but not that good
    nuff said

  3.  not worth the effort really


    flying sections are fun-until your squad members all die automatically failing the mission boats are boring and slow as are the subs which must have a turning circle of manhattan- poor game , dont bother

  4.  tut tut tut


    one of my most hated games (apart from vib ribbon:@) gameplay is confusing as u have to throw ur oppenent into the surroundings in time to the track tht plays as u fight to do more damage or something. would recomend this game if u are looking for visuals alone. the likeness' to the rappers featured are quite spectactular. also the story mode is quite good but shallow -doing the same thing over and over again- for graphics i would recomend but for everything else - STAY AWAY!!! nuff said

  5.  #hell yeah!!


    superb graphics
    gr8 gameplay
    the only thing that annoys me is the difficulty- too hard for my liking, also its more like a Ghost Recon 1.5 than a bonafide sequal-other than tht good game

  6. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Xbox 360

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     poor show ea


    after the fantastic ps2 version something went horribly wrong at ea, the total lack of teams, the fuzzy lookin grass, THOSE player animasions for example ronaldo looking something like dawn of the dead, and the almost impossible free-kick system.awful. stick to ps2 version.

  7.  bit of a letdown


    i have always followed the pro evo series but this has let me down spectacualary (if thats how u spell it lol) the commentary hasn't changed a bit,playing on regular feels like professional and the edit system has just gone..u cant change the awful names of premiership teams or the strip design. play feels heavy e.g u have to control EVERY player movement and the tackling leaves a lot to be desired....still better than fifa 07 on the 360

  8.  best buy !!


    takes some gettin used to but once u get the hang of the analogue control punching u wont have a problem !
    it offers lots in one game the amount of gamerpoints u can unlock in career mode is more than gr8...nearly 1000. a word used all to often is amazing. but with this games graphics there isn't another word to use!....Fight Night...nuff said!

  9.  gr8:)


    good game
    with very little flaws
    graphics r gr8
    amount of cars to choose from is fantastic.
    only thing tht bugs me is the handling on the cars,all to often have i drifted round a corner instead of driven round it, i know its an arcade type of game but it can get frustrating but apart from tht good game :D

  10.  FANTASTIC!!!!!!!


    not much to say about this game...apart from amazin!!!!
    graphics 9/10
    story 8.5/10
    online 10/10 better than halo???

    gears of war 40 pounds
    2 ltr bottle of coke 2 pounds
    having a boys night in and playing on live....priceless!!!