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  1.  Shocking!


    Why do they insist on changing the layout of every single FM, you just get used to way the previous year is set up and boom they change everything again. this game is so unrealistic, i picked man city and every team outplays you, you cant keep clean sheets no matter what you do with your formations and defence, they are concentrating way too much on interaction with press and board and im sorry this gets so boring after a while, back to 2012 edition for me. very poor

  2.  Just Buy It!


    putting it simply if you are a fan of the franchise you must own this, i love horror documentaries, Halloween 25 Years of Terror, His name was jason were superb, this is equally as good but it is so in depth it runs for about 5 hours, going through every film individually the ups and downs problems on set, how they did certain effects, you honestly will not want to pause it or anything. at a tenner it is well worth it, i also cant believe how hot some of the actresses look now apart from one or 2 mentioned by the previous reviewer. BUY IT NOW!!!!

  3.  Make it more like GTA and could have been one of the greats


    I bought this on launch day filled with excitement and for the first 3-4 hours thats what i got, but that soon disappeared as i realised every case is exactly the same and becomes increasingly repetitive, no freedom to do other things like GTA and i found myself playing for 2-3 hours then turning off. Pity it was such a long wait and i feel slightly short changed, anyone expecting a GTA esque game will be found wanting. Unlucky.

  4.  Should be 5 stars


    I started playing Dead Space 2, and i have to say from start to finish it should be a 5 star game, but one flaw sadly lets it down. Note to people who buy this, if you do as i did and try to complete this on hard, make sure you save it in seperate slots, because this game unlike most others never gives you your full energy back when you die, which is fine until i came across one of the later chapters and i dont care how good you may think you are at this game you will find yourself in scenerarios where you can never get past a certain point because A. You dont have enough energy or B. You dont have the right weapon or any ammo. it is absolutely impossible in some cases and you are left with no alternative but to go back a chapter which will be infuriating to anyone, also when you are in this predicament you will find that when you open lockers or boxes you can bet instead of ammo or energy it credits you get instead. Great game but because of this infuriating flaw. 4 stars i'm afraid.

  5.  Unfortunately 5 stars is the maximum


    This game absolutely rocks!, i am a massive fan of the franchise and i am just glad they keep making em this good. The graphics are superb and gameplay is exactly the same as Res4, also it is a real challenge on Normal and Hard because the amount of bullets, first aids etc are very slim so makes for a great challenge.
    My only very slite gripe is Res5 did not seem as long a game as Res4, i completed it in about 14-15 hours on Normal, whereas Res4 took me way longer than that.
    Nevertheless this game is a true classic!

  6.  Second time around


    I thought the original Saints Row was a real cheap knock-off of GTA series, but i have been nothing but short of impressed by Saints Row 2. It has tons of neat little touches like creating your own playlist on your car radio, designing your crib and what cars your gang drive etc, furthermore the game is packed full of missions i got it for christmas and i was on the case for 6 days solid, which may not sound like much but when you consider i was putting in 14-15 hours a day. the game is not quite as big as GTAIV but it is well worth looking into.

  7.  You have got to be kidding


    Yeah the graphics are definately the best for any football game yet, that much is true, however the gameplay made me want to smash my controller off my tv, it is the most frustrating game imaginable, you cant get any fluency going at all with passing, the through ball option is a complete waste of time it goes nowhere near where you are telling it to and you can very rarely take a shot under pressure because it takes far too long to react when you have pressed shoot. To cap it all off, you can not do a sliding tackle without getting booked even when the replay shows you have got the ball before the man. Rubbish! The 2 star rating is primarily for the graphics as they are outstanding but every single player on the game punches a fist when they score with their left hand all the time. Less realism on the graphics and more realism on the player actions please.