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  1.  One of the greatest Mario games of all time.


    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is, simply put, an incredible game. Anybody that loved Super Mario Galaxy should pick this up immediately and for those that missed the first game they should find out what they are missing and grab either one of these masterpieces. With 'Super Mario Galaxy 2' Nintendo was going have an uphill battle to even live up to the first game but they have done what they usually do and raised the bar yet again. It is unbelievable.

    For fans of the first game the same basic principles of pin point, precision platforming gameplay, challenges and hidden stars are again the order of the day. But Nintendo have offered up so many new mechanics with regards to gravity use, boss characters and power ups that at times it feels like a completely different experience that can stand on it's own even if you own the first game. In many ways it is even better and the gameplay has been tightened up further and the levels become more challenging than ever before.

    New inclusions to the series are a number of power ups but the biggest changes would be the inclusion of Yoshi and the new map system. The central hub world that was present in the original game is now gone and replaced by a new map system very similar to the system found in 'New Super Mario Bros'. This may annoy some 3D Mario purists but it does cut down on a little frustration and makes galaxy finding a little easier, especially to new comers of the games. And with regards to Yoshi he controls an absolute treat. The analogue stick controls the character as expected but his tongue is handled by the pointer controls which makes everything very fluid and fun to use. All the additions to this sequel have worked a treat and have been polished to the usually high Nintendo standards.

    For those interested the game runs in 480p (EDTV) and also supports Dolby Pro Logic II. This is one of the greatest looking and sounding Wii games going. Graphics are superb, bursting with colour and looking sharp and smooth even on a large screen television. Music is once again orchestrated and some of the old school tunes from games like 'Super Mario World' etc now come to life and sound superb through a surround sound system. Superb stuff all round.

    So if you are looking for one of the best platform games around, or maybe even the greatest Wii game and one of the best games of all time I recommend you pick up 'Super Mario Galaxy 2'. Great graphics, superb sound and music and some of the best controls and level design going all add up to an experience you will never forget. I don't know how Nintendo keep doing it but I'm glad that they do!


  2.  An engrossing and unnervingly atmospheric game.


    Fans of the SIlent Hill series and fans of adventure and horror titles should definitely give this game the time it deserves.

    After a car crash in the town of Silent Hill, Harry Mason awakens to find his car wrecked and his daughter missing. With the snow falling thick and darkness surrounding him he grabs a torch from his car and then ventures off into the town to find out where or what may have happened to his daughter Cheryl.

    As he delves deeper into the town Harry meets a few characters along the way and also has the town transform in front of him leaving the once empty streets and corridors covered in ice. This is where things start to get really strange and a sense of panic sets in as you realise the town is very different and the inhabitants are no longer friendly or human in nature.

    Breaking up this gameplay are first person events where you are placed in a psychiatrists office having yourself profiled and answering all meaning of questions and tests. Fans of Silent Hill will most likely agree that the most interesting part of the series are how much the games can play with your mind. This was lost with some of the later games but here the developers have gone back to basics and have not only made this latest entry unnervingly strange, but have also brought you along for the ride. It is an interesting take and works well within the story and and overall theme of the series.

    The game uses great use of the Wii remote pointer for aiming the torch and is also used for examining objects, opening cuboards etc. Motion control is used for throwing off enemies etc and works well if you learn the motions. Puzzles are mostly well thought out with the occasional dud here and there but all in all, nothing really game breaking.

    This is a different take, but in my eyes, a great return to the Silent Hill franchise. Graphics, sound and controls are very good and this is a great entry to the Wii library. So grab the controller, sit down, turn the lights off and go search for your missing child. The experience is certainly worth it.

  3.  This was an unexpected surprise...


    I was quite confident that this would be decent and a cut above the standard 'on-rails' style shooter but I didn't expect the game to be as good as it is. For fans of horror, action and story driven experiences then Dead Space: Extraction is highly recommended.

    This is a completely different gameplay experience from the game that is available on the XBOX 360 & PS3 but that does not mean it has been hastily put together and just thrown out onto Nintendo's console.

    The developers and the Wii have somehow created a Dead Space game that has amazing graphics, sound, atmosphere and a story mode that had me hooked from start to finish, so much so that I had to complete the game in one sitting. Superb.

    For fans of Dead Space this game has to be played through at least once and I cannot believe this is running on the Wii. They nailed the Dead Space universe with this game and the play through with different characters keeps things fresh and involving.

    Game may be a little short but it was something I am really glad I believed in as the game payed off in a big way.

    Highly recommended.

  4.  Well worth owning with or without having the first game.


    This is a great game and I have to say I don't agree with the first review on here at all. As a fan of the first game the reviewer is of course entitled to their opinion as they have knowledge of what Boom Blox is all about.

    I think this is a great alternative to the first game and like the other review says there I times I prefer the first title but also times when I prefer the sequel. If you are a fan of Boom Blox then buy this game. If you haven't played the original then pick that up or the sequel as soon as possible as the series really is one of the Wii's greatest.

    Graphics and game engine have been improved from the first game with less slow down and a better look overall. The same addictive gameplay is there in single player mode. Accessible for casual players but hard enough for those that strive to get gold medals throughout the experience. Multi player is as fantastic and robust as it ever was. Add to this that the sequel has more levels from the off and then take into account that an infinite amount of them can be downloaded FREE from online just makes the whole package amazing value for money.

    I would overall say that Boom Blox: Bash Party is the superior game to the original but being a huge fan of both titles I have to say both games offer enough content to warrant a place in your Wii collection.

    For fans it is a must have and for new comers I strongly suggest you get yourself familiar with the Boom Blox games ASAP. Great addictive gameplay, good use of the Wii remote and one of the best physics based puzzle games I have ever played.

    Highly recommended.

  5.  The best Punch-Out!! yet...


    If you liked Punch-Out on either the NES or the Super NES then don't hesitate to pick this up. The game play is as good as ever and the graphics and animation are superb. The boxers now ooze more character than ever before and makes for an overall better experience while fighting them.

    If you are a fan of games that require skill and precision timing then pick up Punch-Out!! as it will test you to the limit and has that old school hard but fair gaming feel to it. Fans of the original NES version should be happy as it has more in common with that version than the sequel but the game contains boxers from both games so there will be something here for every Punch-Out!! fan.

    Next Level Games and Nintendo did a great job with this and fans of the series and new comers to the game have plenty here to be excited about. Long overdue but highly recommended.

  6.  Best version of Millionaire i've ever played.


    Anybody interested in 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' and loves the idea of playing the show at home should give this a shot. I've owned many versions of the game on the GBA, DS, PC and the 1st edition on the Wii but this is by far the best version I've ever had and there are many reasons why.

    The game runs in the newer 12 question format of the show. I'd have liked the choice to select whether you play the old 15 question set up with the music at the time and this new set up but that is the only small complaint I have with the game.

    I would rate this the best version of the game for many reasons. First of all the graphics, speech, sound effects are music are the highest standard I have experienced so far. The FMV of Chris Tarrant is much less compressed than the last Wii game and his speech is clearer and the music and effects a lot less compressed than before. One of my pet hates of the original Wii game was the lack of progressive scan support etc. Well for those with a good sized TV and surround sound set up I am happy to report that this time around the game supports both 480p and 16:9 widescreen along with Pro Logic II. This makes a huge difference to Wii owners with a good set up in the home.

    You can also choose to use Mii's in the game and I think this is a great feature as it makes the game a lot more personal than it has been before. Good to see Nintendo allowing third parties in on the Mii support and I can't think of a better quiz game to support this.

    Along with the main game there is a fastest finger first mini game. Nothing too special but it challenges you to get a quick time or get as many questions right as you can in 60 seconds. Any extra modes are an added bonus so at least this is in there.

    The one I was really impressed by was the 2-player phone a friend mode. This is a great use of the Wii remote and I was really impressed. The Wii remote vibrates and rings out of the in built speaker and does so until you press the 'A' button to answer. Then you will here Chris Tarrant talk to you as you hold the phone up to your ear followed by your virtual friend ask you the question followed by the four possible answers. A gimmick? Maybe, but all in all a great side game and clever use of the Wii that cannot be done on any other console in the same way. Great stuff.

    Game will also track stats for up to 4 players in your save file too and this makes a great addition that has always been missing. I never understood the option of the 'walk away' feature in the games but now the records how much winnings you have made from every game you have gone through. This makes walking away an option if you are unsure about a question but don't want to risk at to keep your high score at a maximum as it were. Tracks all your wins, losses and times in the mini games too so a nice little addition.

    All in all this is well recommended for fans and at £9.99 is an absolute bargain. I have covered most of the points people might be looking for so I hope you enjoy it.

  7. Okami


    Nintendo Wii

    7 New from  £12.99  Free delivery

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     Fantastic experience.


    To all looking for a game to rival the likes of Zelda Twilight Princess on the Wii look no further. I am not far into the game but I can already tell why this game won so much critical acclaim and won the awards it did when first released on the PS2. Graphics have been updated from the original PS2 game and now look fantastic and run in both 480p and 16:9 true widescreen. For fans of epic adventures and Zelda in particular I would not hesitate in picking this one up!

  8.  One of the greatest games ever made.


    I have been gaming for 25 years and Resident Evil 4 has to be one of the greatest game experiences I have ever had the pleasure to play through. Level design, gameplay and pacing are all expertly balanced and although showing it's age now, the graphics and effects are still superb throughout.

    A word of warning to Resident Evil fans, the game is nothing like the previous games in the series. It is a full 3D action, adventure experience as opposed to a survival horror game played on pre-rendered backgrounds. Purists may scoff that Resident Evil 4 strays too far away from the original gameplay and although true, I know the developers have taken the series in the right direction for it to become the masterpiece that it is today. For those that did not like the original games then give this a try as it is a totally different experience.

    If you have not played the game before I recommend you pick this up immediately and the Wii version is the best of the bunch. Having previously owned it on the Gamecube, the quicker, more precise aiming and automatic knife swiping (achieved by swinging the Wii remote) made the game an even bigger and better experience than before, and one that cannot be matched on any other console control system to date.

    All of the extra features that were available on the later PS2 port are also now included with the updated graphics of the Wii version. This coupled with the enhanced control scheme really ought to give previous players of the Gamecube version another reason to give the game another run through.

    If I have any complaints it would be that I would have implemented a quicker way to equip grenades as a secondary weapon or have had a shortcut for using them as switching between them and your main weapon can feel a little clumsy at times. 180 degree quick turn is a good feature and certainly essential for survival but I would also have implemented a jumping roll when running from enemies that turns you 180 degrees upon getting up. This would also have been nice for dealing with some of the quicker enemies in the game and also for fighting in some of the enclosed spaces.

    Other than these minor gripes I would recommend this game to anybody who has the Wii. It is one of the few games that show the console can house an intense, in your face, exhilarating experience as good as anything the PS3 or XBOX 360 can muster up. To anyone looking for a hardcore Wii game, far away from the casual and minigame collections that are available on the console I suggest that you give this a shot. Hope you all enjoy the experience as much as I did.