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  1.  Get your expectations right and this can reward to no end.


    When I saw this movie in the cinema, the trailers had made me believe it to be an "18s" style X-Men. As such I was bored silly and couldnt get into the several stories that seemed very disjointed on first viewing.

    However, as happened with other movies for me (magnolia, Southland Tales), I decided to give the film another try.

    I decided to watch it again. I read up a little about it beforehand, but still didn't expect much from my second viewing.

    When I saw it again, I really enjoyed the mood, the music, the dialogue (superbly written), the story and the characters. I dont think you can ask much more from a movie if the truth be told. I subsequently watched it again 3+ times and then bought this version. I must say, it only enhances the experience.

    To me this represents everything that modern "movie hero's" lack. A human element, a vulnerable side, a dark side. Heck, even the villain has a curiously debatable master plan that many people will actually feel that while their actions were completely incomprehensible on one level, in many ways their dirty deeds were understandable.

    At the risk of sounding pretentious, while its not that important in a movie, when you see something you really enjoy it only adds to the appreciation of it when you realise that it was a movie made by a director whose goal was to celebrate a popular comic, as opposed to the usual Hollywood mantra of making a movie to appeal to the masses just for financial reasons (No PG for the sake of it thank you very much). Its nice to see a movie made with quality in mind.

    It certainly will not appeal to the masses, but in time (if not already) this is a guaranteed cult movie . . For me it just gets better the more I watch it. . 10 out of 10

  2.  Not for everybody, but one of my favourate ever movies . . .


    Like many movies i end up loving when i first saw this i was dissapointed and not amused. My first reaction was what the feckin hell was that. But , for some reason i was compelled to watch it again. . .

    I had enjoyed the soundtrack, the humor, the characters and the visuals (not amazing but captivating for me), but couldnt understand what the hell this film was about.

    Upon watching it again, i still didnt fully get it, but enjoyed it immensely and was compelled to find out more online.

    I looked up the differant interpretations of it and they confirmed one or two of my assumptions (that this movie is more then simply just a mish mash of stories that somehow come together in a way that cant be quite explained).

    I wont even go into the idea of this movie. The only advice i would give is to watch it if you love movies that really dont make sense initially, but get better and better, the more you interpret them and give them your meaning.

    This film is probobley for the 2% of people out there who love totally off the wall movies.

    This has become one of my favourate movies the more i have watched it. Mainly i cant explain why, but i truely enjoy watching this more and more because knowing what its about makes the experience more and more enjoyable. I just wish there were more movies like this around . . .

  3. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


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     The best FIFA Yet


    As a PES player the last few years I found myself shocked that when FIFA was released, at how good the game was in every way. Normally its in gameplay that FIFA loses out to PES but I cant really say that theres thaht much of a differance this time around. PES certainly missed the boat and got things awfully wrong cause for me, FIFA 08 is a masterclass in gameplay, with all the bells and whistles to go with it. Commentry can be annoying (If I hear "the all action Thomas Graveson" again I will smack somebody!) and sometimes even the poorest of teams outplay you somehow, but I gave this a 5 star review because I think EA have really pulled a rabbit out of their hat with this one!!

  4.  Whyyyyyyyy???


    Ive owned all pro ev titles to date and got a ps3 last april so had been dieing to play a soccer game on the new platform. I bought Fifa 08 as it came out earlier then PES, but was expecting to only be playing it a month. I was surprised at how good the gameplay was in FIFA but none the less expected PES to raise the bar further (as they had done so many times before). Forgetting the lag, the music, the commentary, the menu which are awful, the gameplay is a big letdown for me. Its just doesnt have the same flow and natural feeling to it.

    Most of what I feel has been expressed here and I think that this isnt necessarily a bad game, but real PES fans were expecting so much and feel like they have been let down. The poor ratings come out of pure frustration and dissapointment.

  5.  Dont expect an action film, but one to watch again and again


    When I went to see Sunshine in the Cinema I was really dissapointed as I expected an action packed space flick to blow my mind away. What I got instead was a really slow moving film, with visually impressive scenes, but none of the action I had anticipated. When I left the cinema I was dissapointed, but then started thinking if I had I gone to see this with a differant expectation (ie not an action movie) would I of enjoyed it more. So I went to see it again and I loved it.
    The Basic Storyline behind the film in laymans terms is that we have 8 Astronaughts going to the sun to restart the dieing stars engine with a giant bomb. I think Boyle is great at Visuals and Characters, both of which are satisfied in this movie. The music and feel to the film is eerie and probobley more what space would be like as a science fact then the sounds we hear in some blockbusters. There is also a cluastrophic feel which helps us get some idea of how the mindset of the spacecrew could be after such a long time far away from home.
    The first half of the film builds slowly but steady towards the climax and while the ending dissapointed in some parts, I think overall the film is a very good package. The visuals in this film are amazing and I think that this could be the best challange for the Blu Ray DVD to proove its worth. I dont think theres a film available to date that can really get the full advantages out of the Blu ray as this. Since its not out yet I am speculating but if this film is given the chance to be the best it can be, I think the Blu ray edition will only enhance the experience.
    Reasons why I didnt give this 5 Stars?
    The ending went a little off the rails and I would expect more from Danny Boyle, given that he is an extremely talented Director.
    That said I have watched it again and again simply because I love the characters, the mood of the film (very eerie) and the visuals are fantastic.

  6.  Great Flick for the Bloodthirsty


    What is most important for a Horror film? To me it should have Jumps,, tensions scares, action, comedy, a good story and interesting characters.
    What does this film have? Jumps, scares, good story, action, tension, decent amount of comedy and less interesting characters.
    If you loved 28 Days Later then this is a must see if nothing else but to see more on how the rage virus effected people in the earlier stages of the contamination and see how the international community responded to it.
    The first half of the film is really tension leading up to action sequences was very good, but it didnt have the same balance as the first in that we got tension and action throughout the whole movie. This was in essence a film of two halves which was good and bad for different reasons, mainly because the characters weren't strong enough for us to really care if they got their comeuppance or lasted until the final curtain.
    I don't understand why some people go to horror films looking for storylines as cunning as "the usual suspects" or "the Shawshank Reedemption " and then criticise them for being bad movies. This film has a very basic storyline and characters, but is a horror, not a drama or a thriller, a horror, which is why I gave it 4 stars. I think it ticks the correct boxes as a horror and while the first film was better film/horror itself, I think this has done exactly what a horror film should be expected to do. Don't expect the tension or characters to wow you like the first, but if you can look past that, you will enjoy this film to no end.