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  1.  Its alright


    I found going on Sony home and typing text to my friends a bit of a pain till I got the Sony Keypad.

    It was easy to fit with a USB charge lead. If you use the sixaxis controller and add the keypad then it does take a little getting used to the extra weight. The buttons are a little small for big fingers like mine, .

    Overall a welcome addition to your joypad if like me you spend a lot of time typing messages. It holds it's charge for quite a long time, about 6 - 10 hours of use.

  2.  does it come in a box?


    does anyone know if this come in a box or not? as i really want to buy it lol

  3.  couldnt understand the gameplay


    very complacated i played for a whole year about once every 2 days and still couldnt get the hang of it. its not that i was stupid theres just to much to try get your head around. ill be waiting for the 2nd guildwars to be released see what thats like.

  4.  nothing else youll ever read is like it


    This book is so uniqe, nothing youll ever read is like this. Its great. Teenage girl falling in love with a teenage vampire, but not without its complacations. If youv watched the film read the books, if you havnt watched the film read the books first. Never met a person who hasnt loved this series.

  5.  rubbish


    Watched this with my dad and we both thought it was terrible, stupid that it was ever relaesed. It was so fake and you could tell half the stunts where fake and that another person had been used to do them.

    Good display like all blurays.

  6.  cant beilieve i listened to the good reviews on this game


    Ok let me start out by saying i absolutely love streetfighter and always have,whether it be the characters,gameplay,visuals,sound everything.
    So why ruin it by releasing this and calling it 4,because its a disgrace to the streetfighter name and doesn't deserve to be called that as it shares more in common with the horrible Ex series than it does with the 2d series.
    Don't get me wrong,its lovely and smooth to play with beautifully rendered graphics but the characters themselves have been stripped of personality and dont seem to create the same excitement as the older games.
    Playing the game just feels so much like the ex series it was difficult to get that feeling to go away while playing and by the time i'd beaten seth,which by the way is probably the worst boss of the series ive seen i was just so let down by it all.

  7.  terribly exspensive


    I've seen less bugs in a cockroach infested hovel. I had high hopes for this game, BUT if they can't be bothered to test it then why bother launching it. If you like flight sims don't go near the game, if you like having fun playing games then avoid it like the plague.

  8.  you either love it or hate it, i hated it


    I cannot understand how this film has been so popular, it's rubbish! I sat in torture throughout the film wondering why so many people who know me have highly recommended I watch it, that I would love it, that it is really funny. It is not funny at all, I did not laugh once, I had to fast forward the songs, dont waste your money

  9. Juno



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    you either love it or hate itt

    That seems to be the goal of "Juno," a relentlessly quirky, cracking-wise little comedy about a girl who makes a dumb mistake, and the smart decisions she has to make after that. While it initially seems rather precious, the Wes Andersonesque scriptings hide a bittersweet, warm little story about responsibility and love.

    After a lot of Sunny D and three pregnancy tests, Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) comes to the inevitable conclusion: she's pregnant by her friend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera).

    Because she "heard in health class that pregnancy often results in an infant," Juno initially goes in for an abortion, but ends up running out of the clinic. Instead, she's going to have the baby and give it to someone who wants one, but can't have it. So she reluctantly fesses up to her parents, and starts scouting ads for suitably (if unedgy) parents for her baby -- the wealthy Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner).

  10.  :)


    Incredible and poignant story, starring a likable and complex hero Every aspect of the production design, from cutscenes to voice acting, is utterly amazing The DMW is a weird but fun way of leveling up Enjoyable and addictive combat . some bits are really hard thou aand impossible to do, but apart from that its good