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  1.  Great for HTC Desire Z


    Bought this for my wifes phone the actual size once formatted to the phone is about 14.87gb, this fitted absolutely everything off her existing mp3 player and more!!! There is no issues with loading it up although i would suggest loding it via an adapter rather than through the phone usb, just was quicker for me. This does not come with an adapter but at 12.99 is a bargain and a definite buy while waiting for the 32GB versions to become cheaper and more reliable.

  2.  Great for Fans


    Great quality t-shirt, agree with all reviews regarding size i had a large and i'm 6'2" length is great fit is comfortable. Hoever my main complaint is that the logo is very red and not at all faded like the picture shows, hopefully this will fade alot more with washing, i was watching some old epsodes of True Blood and was a bit dissappointed it didn't look more like the picture or Jason Stackhouses T in the programme, but give it time :-)

  3.  Excellent, works a treat


    I'm using a fujitsu esprimo v5535 laptop (15") with this item and it's a pleasure to now use this either sitting on sofa, or sitting up in bed etc, pitches the keyboard perfectly so no more aching wrists.
    Came packaged well no stains, no smells as reported by others, bright and light and i don't now get a hot lap area and there is enough room for heat dissipation from underneath the unit itself :) and it hides the charger out of site to boot.
    I suggest to others that if they have had problems with this item and i'm sure a few bad ones slip through the net then return them, PLAYs returns policy is second to none in mine and others i know experience, yes it's a little inconvienient and in the case of stains i'm sure that they could have been spotted by packers before being sent out, but if you don't complain then play won't know to do anything about this.
    All in all for the price a well made and useful addition to home laptop use.

  4.  Simply.....Brilliant


    Got two of these now, use one in my Cowon d2+ to double my storage and have no issues with watching video off it, no speed/stuttering issues, works straight out the box.
    Also use one in my 12MP KODAK Z1285 digital camera and again extreamly fast response times for both video and picture taking and access/playback, again use staright out the box. At this price they are a bargain, buy one now!! or two or three.....

  5.  Better Than iPod!! Why? Read on :-)


    Okay, bold statement but here is why i like the Cowon over iPods in general.
    1) Most important to me is "Drag&Drop" set your D2+ in MSC mode and it will show on your computer like a memory card then without any other software you can drag and drop your files into folders you create yourself, great for sorting your files you most want on your player.
    2) Folder navigation means just that, you browse your files just like you would on your computer inthe folders you created, if your music collection is all tagged and bagged you can view by ID3 tags, if not folder and file view.
    3) Cowon support this player through firmware updates. When i got my player it was uk version 2.11 which was a bit glitchy when swopping SDHC over, the database would become corrupt and frustration of formatting the player and putting the files back on again beame unbearable, thankfully this now this is now fixed and it's a joy to use. Update to firmware 2.13 straight away
    4) If you have album art attached to your files this will be shown now not just with p3 files but also wma files, another firmware fix :)
    5) Has 16gb internal memory, will take upto 32gb SDHC cards but they are expensive, i have bought 2 16GB PNY SDHC cards from play.com at 17.99 bargain and work in this player perfectly.
    6) Doesn't come with a mains charger but don't worry, i have found that an old motorola phone charger works just as well also the charger for my HTC magic G2 phone works aswell so ask around friends if you don't have one, it'll be a lot cheaper.
    7) I wouldn't bother with the DAB version at present until all analogue signals are turned off, mobile DAB is still a little sketchy/patchy and this has an FM built in which will last a good few years yet.
    8) You can use existing headphones as the input is the same size
    9) TV output (need to buy the lead) means you can watch your files on the tele :)
    10) Down point, which is not made clear on COWON website, it will play AVI files, but these need to be converted using the COWON software provided to get the size right for the screen, i thought AVI would play straight away but it doesn't, the software does batch processing so you can set loads of files to convert while you are at work :)

    Overall this is one fantastic piece of kit which is hands down better than an ipod for ease of use, buy now and you will not be dissapointed. See the advancedmp3player website for more tech specs

  6.  Very Average - frustrating


    The player looks excellent and the build quality is second to none has alot of functions etc. Screen is clear and very watachable when it plays. However the big drawback for me was that no matter how many different discs i tried and burn speeds and different burners and burning software i used it could take forever to get a divx disc to play if at all. As for normal dvds etc fine no probs, but if you're thinking of buying it to watch your recorded or downloaded tv shows then forget it.