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  1.  Better than the original!


    Ive had Goldeneye Wii since Christmas Day and Ive found it completely addictive. I cant recommend this game enough especially since its had a recent price drop.

    Single Player
    You start off on a mini training session which shows you how to crouch fire reload and move (which can take some getting used to if youre using the Wii Zapper which I do!) and gives you a little practice stage to do it all on. But once you get used to it all its completely worth it! You can always personalise your shooting control from the options anyway.
    The enemies really interact with the environments & you cant get away with shooting someone when theres someone else a few metres away because theyll find you and fire back. They hear you coming if you shoot through glass and call to each other for help so youve got to try and use the silencer whenever you can.
    When I was crawling in the vent on the Facility level with the soldier below me on the toilet I wasnt able to look down at him because my Wii Remote had gone off the limit so I wasnt able to play that iconic moment of the N64 game. Thats probably the only positive thing about using a normal controller. Ive also experienced lag on the third level when tons of explosions were going off. The screen literally froze for 2 seconds as though it was on pause. But thats not a major deal.
    The sound and graphics are top notch for the wii. Its really atmospheric and use of Bonds POV in some cut scenes literally puts you in his shoes.

    Online is completely addictive and what I play more of. Im kind of a casual gamer but my first match online with Goldeneye lasted 3 hours!! Then the next day I went on for 2 hours. And the next 3 hours again! Its really addictive especially with mates as you txt each other between games to get vengeance on people who killed you both! lol
    Youve got tons of modes like Team Conflict (team vs team) Conflict (every man for himself) Golden Gun and various other modes (some of which need unlocking). You gain XP Points for every kill match win and head shots and these help you to unlock new weapons and game modes which keeps spurring you on to play online. The more points you earn the higher your level becomes.
    You can add friends and join their matches but sometimes it can be slow to put you into a game. I left it for 5 minutes and still had nothing. Sometimes I keep having to come out of it and try again about 4 times before I finally get into a match.
    There is only 1 time Ive experienced lag but I think thats because American internet is much faster than the UK (you can tell because just as you start a match, theyre already running a few metres ahead and sometimes you can get killed from out of nowhere because they see you first). Im changing my region setting to stop this from happening though. One other gripe I have is that sometimes the teams arent really fair because Ive been on a team of novices like me who are on Level 8 and been up against pros on Levels 35!! This can be really frustrating at times. They should put you in a group relevant to your experience like on Mario Kart.

    Overall this is an amazing game and I would say its better than the original! Even when you complete the single player mode there are more objectives added which you have to do and you will keep coming back to the online games so youll never get bored. Definite buy for any Wii owner! I would have given it 5/5 but decided on 4 because of the technical glitches.

  2.  Retro look and great fit!


    This shirt looks really cool - it's got a retro look to it and looks great on. One small thing though - the Felix logo is actually pretty bigger than the image suggests, but that's not a big deal. I'm quite skinny and usually take a small or a medium (depending on the shop) but I'm about a size 38 chest and the small size fits perfectly!

  3.  One of the best games EVER


    When Edge magazine (who are notorious for only being interested in hardcore games) gives a Wii game 10/10 youve got to realise that it must be pretty amazing and Super Mario Galaxy 2 definitely is!
    It is one of the most addictive games Ive ever played. I say to myself Ill play it for half an hour and then 2 hours later Im still there. The levels are so imaginative and there are so many different tasks to complete. Its not just your typical platform game where you have to jump over obstacles because there are so many elements to it. Quite a lot of the levels flip from 3D to 2D really fluidly so you get the best of both worlds and the Yoshi levels are so much fun. I dont know why it comes with a DVD to show you how to play it because you learn as you go along and its really easy to get to grips with. Dont get me wrong because its still challenging and you will die quite a few times before you get to the end of some of the levels.
    Overall the graphics are probably the best ever on the wii the controls are fluid the music is amazing (it reminded me of the WallE soundtrack) and its 2 player! There's never been a platform game quite like this and that includes New Super Mario Bros for Wii!
    Basically buy it now!!

  4.  Really addictive and great fun but a few flaws


    Red Steel 2 has some of the best graphics Ive seen on the Wii and its such a refreshing change from all the cutesy family friendly games on it. Although its really fun and addictive it does have a few flaws.
    When I first started up the game I had a bit of trouble calibrating the WM Plus (at first I did it by placing it on the floor like Wii Sports Resort but I had a bit of difficulty controlling it after that so I resorted to holding it at chest level when calibrating which proved better).
    After playing it for 2 weeks I think Ubisoft didnt completely get to grips with the Motion Plus. Dont get me wrong most of the time the controls are very sensitive and you cant get away with just waggling your arm to do a Special Move but there are a few times when I have trouble moving my character in combat and then got whacked from the side by an enemy. Also the WM Plus drains the batteries so much, that I kept having to use my 2nd controller as back up. There was also a small glitch that happened when I was stuck in a room and none of the doors would open (I ended up having to restart from my last save point but this wasnt such a big deal as the game Autosaves pretty regularly).
    Red Steel 2 is so much fun and you can easily play for over an hour without realising the time! There are tons of special moves to pick up along the way the environments are amazing and the sound is really creepy and adds to the tension.
    It reminded me a bit of Streets of Rage on the Mega Drive as most of the enemies remain the same throughout the game and there are a few bosses which pop up from time to time too. And then you have various missions to complete along the way new moves to learn you can purchase upgrades from the shop etc so there is plenty to keep you occupied.

  5.  FANTASTIC for budding authors, photographers etc


    This book has just under 800 pages of vital contacts and advice if anyone out there is a budding author, journalist, photographer, artist, screenwriter, poet or general media worker. It's got EVERYTHING you need to know, with advice from people such as JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Maggie Gee and William Bloom and it even tells you which festivals or socieities to attend in order to get your name out there.
    I can't stress enough how important it is to buy this book!!



    I'm not a hard core Harry Potter fan who buys the books and sees the films on the first day of release (although I have seen all of the films) so I thought I would read the last book before the last films come out so that I can compare it with my imagination. Every chapter leaves you wanting to read more and more - I literally haven't been this hooked on a book before. It's got funny, sad and dark moments which really plays with your emotions and the end is amazing. I would recommend this even if you're not a Harry Potter fan, it's definitely worth adding to your collection!

  7.  GREAT PARTY GAME! Think Mario&Sonic Olympics but way better!


    I got this game on the first day of release and was literally on it all day - I hadn't done that since Mario Kart Wii came out! What makes this so different from the first Wii Sports is that it actually takes a while to master some of the games (mainly frisbee and golf) which makes it more interesting and actually involves some kind of learning curve.
    Because of the Wii Motion Plus, you can't get away with just swinging the remote any way you want ...you actually have to be accurate *gulp* and it just goes to show how future games like Red Steel 2 will be. It's very addictive and so much fun; especially when you've got friends round. It kind of matches Wario Smooth Grooves because its ideal for entertaining groups of mates, but it's also great fun if your alone and have some time to kill.
    Some games are more fun than others - Archery, ping pong, golf and sword fighting are my favourites, whereas cycling and wakeboarding are the weakest ...but all the games are fun and I will be playing them all again!
    Wii Sports Resort is a great introduction to Motion Plus and you should definitely buy this if you like Wario Smooth Grooves and Mario & Sonics at the Olympic Games! Although it doesn't have online features, it's more of a game that you play with friends in the same room as you laugh at each other when dogfighting or sword splicing. The WM+ really drains the batteries which is the only downside, but it makes an amazing difference to the gameplay! BUY IT

  8.  Brings Wii to a whole new level...but drains the batteries!


    I've got two of these for Wii Sports Resort and from the minute I used the remote for the main menu, I could feel a major difference in the accuracy. You can even play it from a further distance compared to the normal wii remote signal, but be warned because there is one negative point to make - using the WM+ drains the batteries twice as fast as normal so if you haven't already invested in a Wii charging dock then I would suggest it otherwise you will be having to buy new batteries every 2 days.

  9.  Great if you're unfit...


    I left my gym because the membership costs were getting a bit much and after reading the reviews on here, I thought it would be beneficial to buy this to keep up my fitness. Don't get me wrong - it is good, but I think it only works if you're really unfit. I've now ended up just buying some weights for the same price as the game and going for the occasional jog! But this is way better than wii fit - you can customize your workout and its more intense. Only buy this if you play no sports and aren't very fit because otherwise you'll be disappointed

  10.  Classic


    I used to love this film when I was a kid and it's really fun watching it back as a 23 year old. Some bits are corny, but its a Disney film from the 1980's so what do you expect! I still prefer the subtlety of the originals to the massive CGI infested re-make!