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  1.  Essential


    I bought this and have not regretted it. This has saved me a bundle of money, think about it, why waste money buying batteries every time when all you can do is recharge them!? You'll reduce battery waste and save money, do u need anymore excuses to get this?? NO!
    But you must keep your wii on standby mode as one reviewer has already stated.

  2.  Not loving this


    This was a real let down for me, I liked the controls and the graphics and gameplay was OK, but after one session on it, I never went back and sold it. Never really gripped me. I suggest you only buy this game if you love puzzle games, If you like more action in ur games then avoid.

  3.  Fantastic update


    This is what the game should have been when it was released first time around, and by that I mean the controls! You get a great feeling of subtle and fluid control throughout the game. The original was clunky and you had more control over a drunken shopping trolley than you did with Lara! The Wii exclusive controls are small but add interactive elements to the game. If you loved the 3D versions of Prince Of Persia then youll feel right at home. Brilliant game.

  4.  Nothing Special


    The only reason why I bought this was becuase theere was a lack of decent games for the Wii (at the time), Im glad i did becuase I found it to be a disapointment, good line up of characters but the fluidity of the game was in general sketchy. You play through the first cup and you can win every game then in the next cup the CPU beats you every time... whats that about?! The difficulty level is frustrating!!! The only redeeming feature about this is the Wi-Fi, although if you and your opponent has bad connections then it does lag a lot. Only buy this when it goes down to a low price. Not worth the full price tag...

  5.  Surprise


    I have always enjoyed the MK games especially MK2, I was disappointed with Deadly Alliance on the gamecube so didint expect much. The opening sequence is the best CG Ive seen on the Wii. the game itself does use either the wii remote/nunchuck, classic controller or the Gamecube controller, I found that using the gamecube controller worked better for me as I found the responses to the wii remote was a bit slow and frustrating. The lack of character specific fatalities are disappointing too, But all in all its a very good game and well worth the price because of the high amount of characters and content in the game.

  6.  Different for the series


    First off, if you have read any information about this game in some magazines then you would know that this is an on rails shooter like Time Crisis!!! Although it does take getting used to, the controls eventually work brilliantly. The only major gripe I have is that there is some slowdown and the graphics arent as good as they should've been. Its still a good game though and should be in any self respecting Resident Evil fan's collection

  7.  Love em or hate em


    These girls are like marmite, you love em or hate em, I loved them when they first came out and still do. The songs that they have released with the exception of the new release 'Headlines' is classic pop. Theres no denying they know what makes a great song. Its just a shame that the comeback track was so dire.

  8. Spirit


    Leona Lewis - CD

    13 New from  £2.96  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Sceptic Silenced


    You know what happens when a so called talent wins a show like X Factor, you expect the single to sell loads and the album to be good enough for the bargain bins. Not so with leona lewis. Ignore the magazine and newspaper reviews, this is pure gold! Powerful Vocals and some heartfelt lyrics make this a brilliant debut. Homeless and Yesterday are the 2 songs that deserve to be released. An exceptional Debut.

  9.  Not a fan until now


    I liked Shayne when he was on the X Factor but didnt think I would like his manufactured music. And I didnt until I heard 'No U Hang Up'. I was compelled to buy this and Im glad I did as this is a very good album. I bought his first album and this definetly is better, has far moreup-tempo tracks on here and almost every song is a potential single release. Well done!

  10. Aaliyah


    Aaliyah - CD

    1 New from  £9.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Dark Very Dark


    As the title suggests this album is Aaliyahs most darkest and unique. As an executive producer on the album she knew what she wanted and none of the songs sound the same, they all have thier own stamp of quality. I can listen to this CD over and over and not get bored.